BP 6700 Civic Center and Other Facilities Use - Board Policies, Chapter 6 Business and Fiscal Affairs

  • Reference:Education Code Sections 82537; 82542
  • Board Approved: 11/09/05
  • Amended: 08/10/11

There is a Civic Center at each of the Ohlone campuses. The Civic Centers are designated large auditoriums or other facilities suitable for public use. Use of the Civic Center shall be granted as provided by law. The President/Superintendent shall establish procedures regarding the use of District property, including but not limited to facilities, equipment and supplies, by community groups and other outside contractors.

These administrative procedures shall reflect the requirements of applicable law, including Education Code Section 82537, regarding Civic Centers. The procedures shall include reasonable rules regarding the time, place and manner of use of District facilities. They shall assure that persons or organizations using District property are charged such fees as are authorized by law. Public use of District property shall not interfere with scheduled instructional programs or other activities of the District on behalf of students.

No group or organization may use District property for purposes that discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, sex (i.e., gender), or sexual orientation, or the perception that a person has one or more of the foregoing characteristics, or on any basis prohibited by law.

Use of the District's Civic Centers will be only for the purposes described by the California Legislature in Education Code Section 82537(a). These purposes include use by associations "formed for recreational, educational, political, economic, artistic, or moral activities of the public school districts" in order to "engage in supervised recreational activities" or "meet and discuss, from time to time, as they may desire, any subjects and questions which in their judgment appertain to the educational, political, economic, artistic, and moral interests of the citizens of the communities in which they reside" (Education Code Section 82537(a)). In granting permission to use the Civic Centers, the District will not discriminate on the basis of viewpoint with regard to organizations engaging in expressive activities on the topics and subject matters articulated above.

See Administrative Procedure #6700.