BP 7210 Academic Employees - Board Policies, Chapter 7 Human Resources

  • Reference: Education Code Sections 87400 et seq.; 87419.1; 87600 et seq.; 87482.8; Title 5, Section 51025
  • Board Approved: 11/09/05
  • Amended: 10/12/11

Academic employees are all persons employed by the District in academic positions. Academic positions include every type of service, other than paraprofessional service, for which minimum qualifications have been established by the Board of Governors for the California Community Colleges.

Faculty members are those employees who are employed by the District in academic positions that are not designated as supervisory or management. Faculty employees include, but are not limited to, instructors, librarians, counselors, and professionals in health services, DSPS, and EOPS.

Decisions regarding tenure of faculty shall be made in accordance with the evaluation procedures established for the evaluation of probationary faculty and in accordance with the requirements of the Education Code. The Board reserves the right to determine whether a faculty member shall be granted tenure.

The District may employ temporary faculty from time to time as required by the interests of the District. Temporary faculty may be employed full time or part time. The Board delegates authority to the President/Superintendent to determine the extent of the District's needs for temporary faculty.

Notwithstanding this policy, the District shall comply with its goals under the Education Code regarding the ratio of full-time to part-time faculty to be employed by it and for making progress toward the standard of 75% of total faculty work load hours taught by full-time faculty.

See Administrative Procedure #7210.