BP 7250 Educational Administrators - Board Policies, Chapter 7 Human Resources

  • Reference: Education Code Sections 72411 et seq., 87002(b), 87457-87460; Government Code Section 3540.1(g) and (m)
  • Board Approved: 11/09/05
  • Amended: 12/14/11

An administrator is a person employed by the District in a supervisory or management position as defined in Government Code Sections 3540, et seq.

Educational administrators are those who exercise direct responsibility for supervising the operation of or formulating policy regarding the instructional or student services programs of the District.

An educational administrator who has not previously acquired tenure as a faculty member in the District shall have the right to become a first year probationary faculty member once his or her administrative assignment expires or is terminated, if the following criteria are met:

  • The administrator meets the criteria established by the District for minimum qualifications for a faculty position, in accordance with procedures developed jointly by the President/Superintendent and the Academic Senate and approved by the Board. The Board shall rely primarily on the advice and judgment of the Academic Senate to determine that an administrator possesses minimum qualifications for employment as a faculty member.
  • The requirements of Education Code Section 87458(c) and (d), or any successor statute, are met with respect to prior satisfactory service, competency, and reason(s) for termination of the administrative assignment.

Educational administrators shall be compensated in the manner provided for by the appointment or contract of employment. Compensation shall be set by the Board upon recommendation by the President/Superintendent. Educational administrators shall further be entitled to health and welfare benefits made available by action of the Board upon recommendation by the President/Superintendent.

Educational administrators shall be entitled to vacation leave, sick leave, and other leaves as provided by law, these policies, and administrative procedures adopted by the President/Superintendent.

Every educational administrator shall be employed by an appointment under the terms and conditions of a master contract applicable to that position. The Board may, with the consent of the administrator concerned, terminate, effective on the next succeeding first day of July, the terms of employment and any contract of employment with the administrator, and reemploy the administrator on any terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed upon by the Board and the administrator, for a new term to commence on the effective date of the termination of the existing term of employment.

If the Board determines that the administrator is not to be reemployed when his or her appointment or contract expires, notice to an administrator shall be in accordance with the terms of the existing contract and in accordance with Education Code Section 72411.