BP 7340 Leaves - Board Policies, Chapter 7 Human Resources

  • Reference: Education Code Sections 87763 et seq., 88190 et seq. and cites below
  • Board Approved: 11/09/05
  • Amended: 02/08/12, 01/15/14

The President/Superintendent shall establish procedures for employee leaves as authorized by law and by any collective bargaining agreements entered into by the District. Such leaves shall include, but are not limited to:

  • illness leaves for all classes of permanent employees;
  • vacation leave for members of the classified service, administrators, confidentials, supervisors and managers;
  • leave for service as an elected official of a community college District public employee organization, or of any statewide or national employee organization with which the local organization is affiliated or leave for a reasonable number of unelected classified employees for the purpose of enabling an employee to attend important organizational activities authorized by the public employee organization; Education Code Sections 87768.5; 88210
  • leave of absence to serve as an elected member of the legislature; Education Code Section 87701
  • pregnancy leave; Education Code Sections 87766; 88193; Government Code Section 12945
  • use of illness leave for personal necessity; Education Code Sections 87784; 88207
  • industrial accident leave;
  • bereavement leave;
  • jury service or appearance as a witness in court; Education Code Section 87036; 87037
  • military service; Education Code Section 87700; and
  • sabbatical leaves

Vacation leave for confidentials, educational and classified administrators, and classified supervisors and managers shall not accumulate beyond 44 days of paid leave or 352 hours of paid leave. Vacation leave for classified service shall not accumulate beyond 40 days of paid leave or 320 hours of paid leave. Employees shall be permitted to take vacation in a timely manner to avoid accumulation of excess vacation.

In addition to these policies and collective bargaining agreements, the Board retains the power to grant leaves with or without pay for other purposes or for other periods of time.