Board of Trustees for the Ohlone Community College District

Board of Trustees Update
As of the August 9, 2006 Meeting

  • Trustee Garrett Yee informed the board via written correspondence of his leave of absence from the Board of Trustees effective August 9, 2006 for approximately 6 months due to an obligation for federal military deployment in Iraq.
  • The Board authorized the 2006-2007 fiscal year contract for the State Preschool Program with the California Department of Education.
  • The Alameda County Workforce Investment Board contract with Tri-Cities One Stop Career Center was renewed.
  • The Board authorized the submittal of the Student Support Services Building working plans and specifications, including the recommended value engineering options, to the Division of the State Architect (DSA).
  • The Board approved an increase to the Student Support Services Building Project #2 of $3 million and reduced the classroom renovation project 3-28 by a like amount.
  • The bid for exterior wall repairs and coating for buildings 1-6, 8 & 9 was awarded to Best Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc.
  • The Board approved the notice of intention to dedicate an easement to the Alameda County Water District (ACWD) for installation, maintenance, and repair/removal of water lines on the site.
  • The Board established bond project #3-32 Information Technology Infrastructure with a budget of $1 million by transferring $1 million from Bond Project #3-29 Science and Engineering Cluster Building.

If you would like to review any of the corresponding documents, please visit the Board of Trustees Documents Index for this meeting.

Agenda Items for Future Meetings

  • September 13, 2006 - Approval of 2006-07 Final Budget

Date for Next Meetings

  • August 30, 2006 - Board Retreat
  • September 13, 2006 - Board Meeting
  • September 27, 2006 - Board Meeting
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