Board Meeting Agenda and Document Submissions Deadlines

Documents need to be submitted by the 12:00pm on the submission deadline day (Monday the week before each meeting) (see Submission Deadline in chart below).A few dates may be shifted to alternate dates due to holidays. This submission deadline allows time for the President's office create a list of agenda items for VP review of draft documents and for the Web Team to convert all supporting documents into PDF files for posting to the Ohlone College Board of Trustees website by the Friday before each Board meeting (see steps 4-13).

2020 Document Submissions Deadlines (updated March 2, 2020)
Board Meeting Date
(see schedule)
Board Work Submission Deadline by 12:00pm (unless otherwise noted)
January 15, 2020 January 6, 2020
February 12, 2020 February 3, 2020
March 13, 2020 March 2, 2020
April 8, 2020 March 30, 2020
May 13, 2020 May 4, 2020
June 10, 2020 June 1, 2020
July 15, 2020 July 6, 2020
August 12, 2020 August 3, 2020
September 9, 2020 August 31, 2020
October 14, 2020 October 5, 2020
November 8, 2020 November 9, 2020
December 9, 2020 November 30, 2020

* Deadline on Thursday or Friday due to holiday.

Acceptable File Formats

Acceptable Electronic File Formats
for Documents Submitted to the Board
Document Type File Extension
Microsoft Word (Must be accessible) .doc, .docx
Microsoft Excel (Must be accessible) .xls, .xlsx
Microsoft PowerPoint (Must be accessible) .ppt, .pptx
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) - Must be accessible .pdf
Encapsulated PostScript .eps
Other acceptable image formats .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, .bmp, .pict, .raw

Submission Process for Board Agenda Items

(Updated April 2019)

  1. Submitting Documents for the Board Packet

    1. Documents to be included in the Board packet must be submitted by the Submission Deadline (see chart above), unless special arrangements have been made. Submit documents to the President's office in an acceptable electronic file format (see Acceptable File Formats chart).

    2. Agenda-related documents not received by the Submission Deadline (see chart above) cannot be included in the electronic Board packet.

      Late changes to existing agenda items must be hand-carried to the Board meeting by the document originator and submitted electronically to the President's office for inclusion in the electronic packet after the Board meeting has been held.

    3. If a document cannot be provided electronically, a hard copy must be provided to the President's office one day in advance of the deadline so that it can be scanned and proofread.  Documents must be in an accessible format.  

      Note: If a document contains an original signature, please provide the hard copy document for submission to the Board and an electronic copy for posting on the website.

  2. Confirmation of Web Team Availability to Post Electronic Board Packet and Agenda at the proper time (by 3:00pm on the Friday before the Board meeting). (This step is necessary because the Web Team may be unavailable on the date the Electronic Board Packet needs to be published on the Board website.)

    1. On Wednesday of the week prior to the Board meeting, the President's office contacts the Web Team via email to confirm the Web Team's availability for posting the electronic board packet and agenda on the Board website by 3:00pm on Friday that week.

    2. After receipt of the email message from the President's office, the Web Team replies to the President's Office to confirm the Web Team's availability.

    3. If a confirmation message by the Web Team is not received by Wednesday at close of business, the President's office will follow up with the Web Team's manager.

    4. If the Web Team is out ill or otherwise unavailable on that Friday (despite earlier confirmation of their availability), the President's office will be notified by the Web Team's manager or the Web Team itself.

    5. The electronic version of the Board packet will be posted on the Board website when the Web Team becomes available.

  3. Preparation of Electronic Board Packet

    1. The President's office organizes the electronic files by renaming them as necessary to make their content clear and consistent with all other submissions.

      Recommended lowercase filename format is: ##a-description.ext (formatted this way for ease of sorting the directory listing; where "##" is a 2-digit number (such as 00 through 99) representing the agenda item number and "a" is the letter "a" through "z". Examples:

      • 00a-agenda.doc
      • 01a-placeholder.doc
      • 02a-memo.doc
      • 02b-report.doc
      • 33j-memo.doc

      Only alphanumeric characters should be used in filenames - i.e., do not use spaces or special characters such as & or #.

      If there are more than 26 (letters a-z) electronic files for any agenda item, the assigned lettering then becomes doubled (aa-zz).

    2. The President's office prepares a Microsoft Word document of the meeting agenda.

    3. By Thursday afternoon or Friday morning of the week prior to the Board meeting, the President's office copies the meeting agenda MS Word document and all electronic files received into a new folder in the "Board Packets" shared network directory on the Ohlone_1 server (the "Board Packets" directory is shared by the President's office and the Web Team). The name of each folder listed in the "Board Packets" directory will be the date of the Board meeting (i.e. 2017-07-14 or 20170714, formatted this way for ease of sorting the directory listing).

    4. Then, the President's office notifies the Web Team via email that Board packet files and agenda have been copied into the subdirectory and that they are ready to be processed for posting.

    5. After being notified the electronic documents and agenda are ready, the Web Team creates Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files for each file that can be converted into PDF format (originating in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). Image files will be converted to PDF/GIF/JPG by the Web Team.

    6. The Web Team will assign each PDF file a document title in the Document Properties "Description" tab for purposes of search engine indexing.

    7. The Web Team creates a "Board Packet Document Index" web page listing each agenda item (number and description) and link(s) to the related electronic file(s) provided by the President's office.

    8. On or before Friday afternoon at 3:00pm of the week prior to the Board meeting, the Web Team posts the electronic files, agenda, and "Board Packet Document Index" on the Board website.

    9. Then, the Web Team notifies the President's office via email to the President's office that the Board packet documents and agenda have been posted.

    10. The President's office reviews the posted information and notifies the Web Team if any adjustments are necessary.

  4. Distribution of Board Packet Documents

    1. The President's office then emails (and/or mails via the USPS) copies of the Agenda to the appropriate distribution list, each Friday prior to the Board meeting (Thursday during summer 4/10 schedule).

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