Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

The Board Policies and Administrative Procedures Manual is separated into two sections: Board Policies and Administrative Procedures.

Ohlone is in the process of updating and revising its Administrative Procedures (APs) to incorporate relevant parts of outdated Board Regulations. Board Regulations will be deleted once incorporated into Administrative Procedures.

Ohlone will post revised Administrative Procedures as they are revised and approved.

During this interim period, before undertaking any process or addressing any issue covered by a Board Regulation, contact the responsible department to ensure you are following the correct and up-to-date procedure. Reliance on applicable laws and codes will apply in the absence of a revised AP.

For Ohlone staff, whenever a union contract has contrary provisions for a covered employee, the union contract controls over contrary language in the Board Regulations for that covered employee.

Should you have a specific question or concern, please contact the responsible department listed in the online AP or Board Regulation, or if no specific department is listed, please contact the President's Office or Human Resources. We appreciate your patience.

For full information on any issue, please check both sections.

For more information regarding the Board Policies and Administrative Procedures Manual, contact the President's Office at (510) 659-6200.

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