• References: Education Code Sections 5000 et seq. and 72036; Elections Code 13307, 13309, 13310
  • Board Approved: 04/13/05
  • Amended: 02/10/10, 06/13/12, 05/08/13

The term of office of each trustee shall be four years, commencing on the first meeting in December following the election.  Elections shall be held every two years, in even numbered years. Terms of trustees are staggered so that, as nearly as practical, one half of the trustees shall be elected at each trustee election.

Eligibility for candidacy will be defined as in Education Code 72103.

The Board of Trustees has provided for the election of trustees by trustee areas. 

Effective December 14, 2011, the trustee seats are:

  • Area 1: City of Newark and the Fremont and Union City precincts west of I-880 (two seats)     
  • Area 2: City of Fremont and Union City precincts east of I-880 (five seats)

The election of a board member residing in and registered to vote in the trustee areas he or she seeks to represent shall be only by the registered voters of the same trustee areas. Voters will be instructed to vote for the appropriate number of candidates from their area.

The President/Superintendent shall submit recommendations to the Board regarding adjustments to be made to the boundaries of the District or the two areas after each decennial federal census and at any time adjustments are deemed necessary.  The President/Superintendent shall submit the recommendation in time for the Board to act as required by law.

The Board of Trustees has determined that the Ohlone Community College District shall pay in excess of $800 (increased by 4% each year), for any candidate’s statement in English and/or another language to be sent to the voter.

The Registrar of Voters, County of Alameda, has been directed to provide a written copy of this policy to each candidate’s representative at the time nomination papers are picked up.