• Reference: Education Code Section 70901.2, 70902 (b) (7) & (d), 87100 et seq.; Title 5, Section 51023.5, 53000, et seq.; Accreditation Standard III.1.
  • Board Approved: 11/09/05
  • Amended: 10/12/11

The President/Superintendent shall establish procedures for the recruitment and selection of employees including, but not limited to, the following criteria.

An Equal Employment Opportunity plan shall be implemented according to Title 5 and Board Policy 3420.

Academic employees shall possess the minimum qualifications prescribed for their positions by the Board of Governors.

The criteria and procedures for hiring academic employees shall be established and implemented in accordance with Board policies and procedures regarding the Academic Senate's role in local decision-making.

The criteria and procedures for hiring classified employees shall be established after first affording CSEA and SEIU an opportunity to participate in the decisions under the Board's policies regarding local decision making.

See Administrative Procedure #7120.