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Update as of March 2007 Bond Report

(see Reports.)

Completed Improvement Projects

Disabled Access - Access ramps for Buildings 2, 4 & 6; additional ADA Access by replacing existing non-compliance doors and handles.

During installation of ADA ramp for Building 4.

Science Labs - Created Biotechnology Laboratory in Buildling 8.

Classroom before conversion to Biotechnology Laboratory.
Classroom during conversion to Biotechnology Laboratory.
Classroom after conversion to Biotechnology Laboratory.

Security / Safety Cameras - Install 32 cameras in parking lots and other high-traffic areas of the Fremont Campus.

After installation of security cameras, including screenshot views from security cameras.

Exterior Lighting - Installation of approximately 50 pole lights walkways, down Olive Lane, and all pathways leading to parking areas.

After installation of exterior lighting near Olive Lane.

Classroom / Lab Upgrade Phase A - Install media-enabled equipment, projectors, screens, podiums in 32 classrooms and labs.

After classroom upgrade.

Gymnasium Floor - Replace tartan gym floor with new wooden floor, modify and upgrade bleachers.

Gym floor before, during, and after replacement. After installation of ADA door on gym entrance.

Locker Room Upgrades - Remove and replace all old lockers in Men's and Women's Locker Rooms, remodel and upgrade restrooms, create two team rooms.

Before and after locker room upgrades.

Weatherproof Buildings - Address urgent needs to repair damaged areas and remove mold.

Selected Bond Projects

  • Install 12 ADA power-operated doors in Buildings 1, 5, 12, and 22
  • Replace/repair weathered guardrails
  • Replace deteriorating redwood stairs with pre-cast concrete stairs
  • Replace exterior doors in 122 openings campus wide
Before replacement of guardrail and stairs.

Exterior Facelift Building 1 - Exterior improvement to campus, paint campus buildings, repair stucco and exterior wood trim, improve frontage of campus, open stairwells (more daylight). Photo gallery: Fall 2006-Spring 2007 Building 1 stucco repair and new paint.

Tennis Courts - Resurface and repair weathered and cracking tennis courts.

Tennis courts before and after repair.

Fremont Main Electric - Upgrade of main service capacity on the Fremont campus.

Erosion Control - Construct retaining walls, improve drainage, and install landscape to control erosion.

Active Improvement Projects

Digitize Campus Blueprints - Ongoing.

Water Intrusion (above grade) - Prevent water from entering building above grade by addressing roofing, caulking, and sealing needs.

During water instrusion work.

Renovation of Vacated Space - Upgrade classrooms, labs, restrooms.

Lecture hall Room 3201 before and after renovation.

Information Technology Infrastructure - Support critical technology infrastructure needs.


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