Transfer Information for Broadcasting Majors

Close-up of TV monitors in Ohlone Broadcasting 'Control A'.Please refer to Exploring Majors at for a list of university (California State University and University of California) that offer the major. Select an Area of Study, press the Continue button, select a Discipline in that area of study, press the Continue button, and then select the campus abbreviation next to a major to get more information about that major and the transfer requirements for that university.

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Did You Know…?

Graduates of Ohlone's Broadcasting: Film, Television, and Video are working today as producers, directors, casting directors, video editors, production assistants, and grips.

Career Opportunities in Broadcasting

The Broadcasting curriculum is designed to prepare students as broadcasters for careers in journalism, the radio industry, television, and related fields (advertising). Students are encouraged to develop a wide variety of skills in order to be better prepared for a wide range of vocational opportunities. Placement often depends on audition tape; portfolio of scripts; willingness to relocate anywhere in the country; talent; job availability; and a thorough job search. Learn more about Radio Broadcasting, Journalism, and Film & Television classes.

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