Announcing Business Experiencia @ Ohlone College

Beginning Fall 2021 Business Experiencia is a program for first year business majors, especially those who will be first in their family to complete college. This program will bring together a diverse group of students interested in learning about business careers through various networking, counseling, academic and career activities.

The Certificate of Achievement in Business Supervision/Management (BSM) program is designed to prepare students for managerial and leadership positions in various industries with job titles such as, but not limited to, Service Manager, Retail Sales Manager, Customer Service Manager and Operations Manager. Students will learn the fundamentals of basic business administration including leadership, management, human resource management and work experience.  The program is for students looking to increase their family's income potential and contribute to their community as business leaders.

2021-22 Program Requirements Table

Class Major Field Units Semester/Sequence
1 BA-123 Math for Accounting and Business 3 Year 1, Fall
2 BA-125 Introduction to Business 3 Year 1, Fall
3 CAOT-101A Computer Applications I 2 Year 1,Fall
4 BSM-101 Fundamentals of Supervision 3 Year 1, Fall
5 BSM-103 Management of Human Resources 3 Year 1, Spring
6 BSM-106 Communication for Supervisors 3 Year 1, Spring
7 BSM-108 Leadership in Organizations 3 Year 1, Spring
8 WEX-185A1-01 General Work Experience  1 Year 1, Spring
9 BSM-110K Customer Service 0.5 Year 1, Spring
10 BSM-110G Team Building 0.5 Year 1, Spring