Welcome to the Business Division website.  The Business Division at Ohlone offers a range of accredited credit courses in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Business Supervisory Management, Real Estate, and Internships (WEX).  We also offer several noncredit certificates for workforce preparation or are short term with high employment potential such as Customer Service, Effective Job Search Skills, or Entrepreneurial Business Basics. Our partnership with the Ohlone College Tri-Cities Career Center can help you find an internship or job after graduation.

In 2019 we asked a focus group of students what skills they would use to describe careers in business and they came up with the following word cloud:

Business Word Cloud

Career pathways in business offer many fulfilling well-paying jobs.  Beyond teaching foundational knowledge about business and the economy, the faculty in the Ohlone Business programs teach analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills important for successful employment. Whether it is a certificate, career degree, or a degree for transfer, our excellent faculty and staff are here to help you achieve your goals.

Andrew LaManque, PhD
Executive Dean

Division Support

Edgar Hernadez

Division Assistant

Andrew LaManque, PhD

Executive Dean

Nadia Dadgar, M.S.

Professor, Counselor
(510) 659 - 6110 (counseling appointments)


Shirley Calvert

Career Advisor



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