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The Business Interest Area is made up of a range of accredited credit courses in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Business Supervisory Management, Real Estate, and Internships (WEX).  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Business is the most popular major for undergraduates.  A student majoring in business has the option to specialize in one of the above areas.  Business students will learn how the economy works and how different companies and businesses function domestically and globally.

Career pathways in business offer many fulfilling and well-paying jobs immediately after completing a Certificate or Associate degree or after transfer.  The career choices available to a business major, in addition to starting, managing, and owning a business, include:

Accountant & Accounting Assistant     
Budget Analyst
Business Manager
Marketing Manager

Real Estate Broker
Sales Manager
Loan Officer & Bank Manager
Sales Representatives
Insurance Underwriters & Agent

Business Intelligence analysts
Marketing coordinator
Human resources staff & financial analyst

The Business major offers you skills that are not limited to one industry or sector.  It prepares you for both public and private sector jobs, including healthcare, information technology, financial services, and government.

Programs of Study

Ohlone offers several academic programs both on a full and part-time basis that can be completed by taking the required courses.  The courses can be used towards completing a degree or certificate at Ohlone or may be credited for transfer to CSUs, UCs, and other universities.  We offer courses in day and evening hours in fully online, hybrid, and in-person formats. 

Associate in Science Degree for Transfer (AS ADT)
Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer (AA ADT)



Core Competencies

Beyond teaching foundational knowledge about business and the economy, the faculty in the Ohlone Business programs teach analytical, critical thinking, leadership, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication skills that are important for successful employment. Whether it is a certificate, career degree, or a degree for transfer, our excellent faculty and staff are here to help you achieve your goals for your and your family's future. Click here for statistics on Business Division faculty and students.

Noncredit Courses & Certificates

Business, in addition to other academic departments, offers tuition-free noncredit classes and certificate programs in a variety of disciplines.  The goal is to help students gain general knowledge, learn a new skill, upgrade existing skills, enrich their understanding about a wide range of topics, or develop personal interests and reach their personal, academic, and professional goals.

To further support you in the process of achieving your educational and career goals, the business interest area offers various networking, counseling, academic, and career activities through Business Experiencia for first-generation students.  In addition, there are Ohlone Career Center programs for Business Owners and Aspiring Student Entrepreneurs that provide expert support services to entrepreneurs and small businesses owners.

Key Contacts

Andrew LaManque, PhD
Executive Dean

(510) 659-6080 
Nadia Dadgar, M.S.
Professor, Counselor

(510) 659-6110
(Counseling Appointments)
Sheila Holland
Division Assistant

Shirley Calvert
Career Advisor

** To schedule an appointment, or find jobs & internships, check out Handshake, Ohlone’s career platform and job/internship board

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