On-Campus Escort Service FAQ - Campus Police Services / Safety and Security

Ohlone College Police Patch.

Frequently Asked Questions about the SEO (Student Escort Officer) Program

Can I arrange to have someone there in advance to meet me or do I have to wait?

Prior arrangements can be made but are subject to availability at that time. All efforts would be made to have an SEO team meet at the requested time. However, if the SEO team is on an assignment, then the SEO team would respond as soon as the previous detail is completed.

How long do I have to wait for an SEO to arrive?

Waiting time is dependent upon where the SEO team is when the request for service is received and the location that they must respond to. It could be just a minute or two to as long as 10 minutes.

How will I know that I am meeting the right person?

The SEO teams wear a bright emergency optic green (yellow - green) and work in pairs.

Where can I wait safely until the SEO arrives?

You may wait in any location: classroom, business office, building lobby, in front of a building entrance, etc. where you feel comfortable and safe.

Is this service available between semesters?

The student escort program is not available, however, campus police/safety officers are available to provide escorts if needed.

Am I supposed to tip the SEOs for their service?

The SEOs are paid by the college district. Tipping is not allowed per district policy. Employees may not accept gratuities.

Should I be frightened or afraid for my security?

You do not have to be afraid or concerned for your safety. The Ohlone Community College District is the safest community college district in the entire bay area and one of the safest in the State of California.