Campus Information

Newark Center


Ohlone College Newark Center
for Health Sciences and Technology
39399 Cherry Street
Newark, CA 94560-4902


Key to Locations - Ohlone College Newark Center
(subject to change; as of November 6, 2017)
Department / Division Office at the Newark Center Floor / Wing
Administration Office, Newark Campus (Dean) 1 / 2
Admissions, Records, and Registration (Newark Student Services Center) 1 / 3
Allied Health Lab 2 / 2
ASOC Recreation Room 1 / 2
Cafe 1 / 2
Corporate Training Meeting Room 1 / 1
Counseling 1 / 3
Courtyard / Quad Between Wings 3 and 4
Daily Parking Permit Dispensers Lots B, C, D
English Learning Center 1 / 1
Financial Aid (Newark Student Services Center) 1 / 3
Fremont Bank Community Conference Center 2 / 1
Gender Neutral Restrooms 2 / 2
Health Sciences and Environmental Studies Division (Dean) 1 / 3
Information Technology (IT) Services Office 1 / 3
Learning Resources Center (LRC) 1 / 1
Lobby, first floor (Room NC1000; Main Lobby) 1 / Central Hub
Lobby, second floor (Room NC2000) 2 / Central Hub
Newark Student Services Center 1 / 3
One-Stop Career Center (Tri-Cities) 1 / 2
Semester or Daily Parking Permit, and 2 or more persons) Marked spaces in Lots B, C, D
Semester or Daily Parking Permit) Marked spaces in Lots B, C, D
Staff Parking Permit) Lot next to the equipment yard (north of Lot B)
Semester, Daily, or Staff Parking Permit) Lots B, C, D, E, Overflow Lot
Parking Permit Dispensers for Daily Parking (daily permits are $4 each) Lots B, C, D
Physical Therapist Assistant Lab 2 / 4
Portable Classrooms and Offices NP
(formerly Lot A)
Quad / Courtyard / Treadway Court Between Wings 3 and 4
Registered Nursing Lab 2 / 2
Respiratory Therapist Lab 2 / 2
Security - Campus Police (510) 742-2311 1 / 1
Student Health Center 1 / 2
Student Services Center, Newark 1 / 3
Total Health and Wellness Center 1 / 4
Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center 1 / 2
Tutoring Center 2 / 3

Newark Center Room Numbers: The first digit designates the Floor Number, second digit designates the Wing Number, and the third and fourth digits designate the Room. Example: Room NC2121 is on the second floor, Wing 1. The center lobbies and rooms off those lobbies are designated as Wing 0; therefore, Campus Security is in Room NC1001, first floor, off the lobby. Portable classrooms are labeled NP-building number. Example: NP-8 is portable building 8 at Newark.

Parking Information Summary

Semester or Daily Parking Permit required for each vehicle/motorcycle (display permit in full view): Monday - Friday 6:00am - 11:00pm, Saturday 6:00am - 5:00pm. Daily Parking Permits are valid only for the day of purchase.

Ohlone WebAdvisor: Fall and Spring $40, Summer $23; motorcycle permits are $18 Fall and Spring, $10 Summer. Semester Parking Permits are valid at both the Fremont and Newark campuses.

Or, a one-day Daily Parking Permit may be purchased for $4 each. On the Newark campus, parking permit vending machines in Parking Lots B, C, D, and E accept cash (nickels, dimes, quarters, and paper bills), credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), and ATM cards with credit card symbols. Daily Parking Permits are valid for day purchased at both the Fremont and Newark campuses.

Disabled parking spaces are enforced at all times, no exceptions. It is required that both a valid Ohlone parking permit or daily pass and a valid disabled placard or license plate be displayed in full view.

Free Parking is available Saturdays after 5:00pm, Sundays, and Holidays in marked stalls only.

Additional parking information at Ohlone College.

Ohlone College Bookstore

The Ohlone College Bookstore is located on the Fremont campus. Extended hours of operation are available the first week of the semester. Bookstore purchases or textbook rentals may be made online at Ohlone College Bookstore website for more information.