Careers in arts, digital media and communications are growing fast in the Bay Area.  

Employees are expected to be experts in the newest technology. Communications professionals, such as journalists and broadcasters, are also increasingly expected to understand digital publishing and technology. Ohlone College’s programs in arts, digital media and communications offer the chance to learn the wide range of skills and competencies necessary to be successful in these complex careers.

HIGHLIGHTED PROGRAMS: The Multimedia and Graphic Arts department offers a variety of classes focusing on creative and technical skills in Video Game Design and Virtual Reality, 2D/3D Animation, 3D Modeling and 3D Printing, Video Production and Motion Graphics, UX/UI Design,Graphic Design and Website/Mobile App development. Find out more.

The Entertainment Design and Technology (EDT) program is a very hands-on program. Students may choose to focus on Lighting, Sound, Costume, Stagecraft, or Stage and Event Management. Find out more.

CAREERS IN THIS FIELDWoman adjusting theatre lighting, kneeling down

  • Animator
  • Cinematographer
  • Game Developer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Journalist
  • Lighting Technician
  • Mobile Application Designer
  • Photographer
  • Radio Broadcaster
  • Sound Engineer
  • Television Broadcaster
  • Theater Technician
  • Video/Audio Editor
  • Web Designer

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Click on any of the green checkmarks, in the table below, for a detailed curriculum guide for each degree/certificate.

Degree/Certificate AS AA ADT CAch CAcc
3D Modeling & Animation        
Advanced Film and Video        
Advanced Photography Practices        
Audio Technician    
Commercial Music        
Contemporary Dance Teacher/Choreographer        
Digital Art        
Digital Video and Editing        
Entertainment Television        
Film, Television, and Electronic Media        
Graphic Arts/Computer Graphics      
Graphic Design        
Jazz Dance Teacher/Choreographer        
Live Event Management    
Live Television Production        
Mass Communication        
Mobile Application Development        
Moving Light Technician      
Multimedia Game Design and Animation        
Radio Digital Production        
Radio Program Management        
Sports Television        
Stage Craft    
Theatrical and TV Lighting Technician      
Video Game Development        
Web Design