All companies need qualified managers, accountants, and office support personnel.

With certificate, degree, and transfer options, Ohlone College’s programs in business and finance can launch your career path for a variety of jobs in office administration,  management, and financial services.

CAREERS IN THIS FIELD* Men on computers in classroom

  • Accountant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Budget Analyst
  • Business Owner/Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing and Sales Professional
  • Real Estate Agent/Broker

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Click on any of the program names below for a detailed curriculum guide of each degree/certificate.

  • AA: Associates of Arts
  • ADT: Associates Degree for Transfer
  • COA: Certificate of Achievement
  • COAcc: Certificate of Accomplishment

Learn more about what these degrees and certificates at Ohlone College entail, here.

Degree/Certificate Name Degree/Certificate Type
Accounting COA
Administrative Assistant: Supervisory Focus COA
Business AA
Business Administration ADT
Business Analytics COAcc
Business Communication COAcc
Business Information Worker, Introductory COAcc
Business Supervision/Management AA, COA
Office Support COAcc
Real Estate Sales Agent/Broker AA
Real Estate Sales Agent/Broker Associate COA