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Spring Semester Begins: Monday, January 27, 2020
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Spring 2020 Ohlone College - Selection of FEATURED CE Courses
(Updated: 12/13/19)

Location: FC = Fremont Campus, NC = Newark Center, HYBRID = In Person & Online, WEB = Online

Section Name Section Title Start & End Dates Days & Times Location & Units Instructor

Course Description

BIOT-105-01  Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology 1/27-5/22 T,TH, 9:00am-12:10pm NC, 4 Units L. Issel-Tarver
Basic biotechnology concepts and hands-on lab research methods for students who may have no science background. 
BIOT-105-02 Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology 1/27-5/22

M W, 6:00pm-9:10pm

NC, 4 Units J. Vyas

Basic biotechnology concepts and hands-on lab research methods for students who may have no science background. 

BIOT-114-01 Intro to Plant Biology 1/27-5/22 M,W, 1:00pm-3:35pm NC, 3 Units L. Issel-Tarver

Introduction to biology and biotechnology of plants.

BRDC-136-01 Digital Video and Lighting 1/27-5/22 M,W, 3:15pm-5:50pm FC, 3 Units TBD

Students learn to shoot professional-quality video and develop skills in visual storytelling for broadcast, film, and electronic media as well as using 3-point lighting and recording audio.

BRDC-148-01 Beginning TV Studio Production 1/27-5/22 M,W, 6:30pm-9:05pm FC, 3 Units J. Abramson & G. Kauf Learn broadcasting studio production lighting, camera, TV graphics, and more.
BRDC-150-01 Introductory Film and Video Production 1/27-5/22

F, 11:00am-3:30pm

FC, 3 Units V. Kauf & G. Kauf Introduction to television and film production covering composition, lighting, video and audio recording. Group and individual video projects.
ECS-304-01 Observation and Assessment 1/28-5/22 W, 9:00am-12:10pm FC, 4 Units J. McDowell

Observation and assessment methods focusing on major aspects of child development are covered in this course

ECS-306-01 Guidance & Positive Discipline 1/29-5/21 TH, 6:30pm-9:40pm FC, 3 Units J. McDowell Principles of positive guidance and discipline for parents and teachers.
ECS-316-01 Curric/Strat Special Needs 1/27-5/19 T, 9:30am-12:40pm FC, 3 Units J. Jones A study of special needs curriculum planning; observation and assessment of children within families, community, and education programs.
CNET-146-01 Introduction to UNIX/Linuex 2/24-5/22 WEB WEB, 3 Units R. Sha

Learn functions and features of the UNIX/Linux operating system, primarily at the command-line, but also in a GUI.

CNET-162-01 Windows Server Administration 3/30-5/22 WEB WEB, 2 Units P. Nguyen

Set up Windows 2012, implement Active Directory, issue IP address leases, perform name resolutions, configure AppLocker and Windows Firewalls.

CNET-170-01 Network Security (Security+) 3/30-5/22 WEB WEB, 4 Units P. Nguyen Comprehensive overview of network security. Preparation for Security+ certification.
MM-118-02 Introduction to Video Game Design 1/27-5/22 T, 5:30pm-7:30pm HYBRID, NC, 3 Units A. Jauco

Gain an understanding of the video game industry and learn how to plan, develop, and create content for video games.

MM-109-01 2D Animation 1/27-5/22 TH, 5:30pm-6:35pm HYBRID, FC, 3 Units C. Kelly An introduction to techniques and principles of two-dimensional digital animation production for animated shorts, web animations, and 2D video game character designs.
MM-105-01 Web Site Design 1/27-5/22 T,TH, 8:45am-10:20am HYBRID, FC, 4 Units I. Reichert

Learn how to code and design web sites of their choice and how to use the latest software applications.

TD-170-01 Survey of Entertainment Technology 1/27-5/22 T,TH, 11:00am-12:00pm FC, 3 Units M. O'Donnell

An overview of the many career opportunities available in the exciting world of entertainment design and technology. Visit a variety of different entertainment workplaces.

TD-179-01 Introduction to Stage Management 1/27-5/22 M, 6:30pm-8:35pm FC, 3 Units M. O'Donnell

This course will take you into the fascinating world of the stage manager. Get hands-on experience as you learn the skills of stage management in a fun and exciting environment.