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Whether you are trying to choose a major, research career paths, look for an internship, or find the educational requirements needed to pursue your dream job, there are multiple tools available to you. Below are a few of those resources for your career exploration. Once you have had a chance to look into these tools we recommend you make a follow-up appointment with a counselor, we are here to support you!


Steps for Success:

  1. Check out the great resources on the Career and Major Exploration page to do some self-exploration and career research
  2. Consider taking a Career/Major Exploration and Personal Development Course such as: PD-150 Career & Life Planning
  3. Attend a workshop on How to Choose Your Major offered monthly during the academic year, view upcoming workshops on the Transfer Center Calendar or sign up using eSARS.
  4. Take your next steps toward finding a job or internship by visiting the Ohlone College Tri-Cities Career Center 
  5. Make an appointment with a Counselor at the Fremont or Newark campuses to get started on your career and major exploration process
  • Counselors can provide career information and assessments, discuss with you how your education can prepare you for different careers, and help you make decisions about your personal education and career path!
  • Make a Career Counseling appointment by calling: 510-659-6110

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Ohlone College Tri-Cities Career Center

For comprehensive career and employment services, please contact the Ohlone College Tri-Cities Career Center located at the Ohlone College Newark Center.

The Career Center is devoted to the success of our students and alumni.  We offer a number of services and resources to assist your transition into the workforce.