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For services at the Newark Center, see Newark Center Mail and Duplicating Services.

Duplicating Center Hours, Location, Telephone, Staff - Fremont Campus


  • Fall and Spring Semesters

When the Duplicating Center is closed, faculty can use the Self-Service Lobby Copier.

Location, Telephone


Name Contact
Tony Villalobos (510) 659-6211

Duplicating Request Form

Guide for Duplicating Services

Duplication consists of photocopying and digital imaging. White, color, or special paper is supplied with these services. Customer supplies letterhead stock and must be pre-approved by the Duplicating / Mailroom staff. Transparencies are available at your Division Dean's office.

Self-Service Lobby Copier

The lobby copier is located in Building 16-C (Mailroom). The copier is available for faculty use only.

A copier code must be obtained from the appropriate Division Dean. Codes are cleared every Monday and each instructor has a limit of 300 copies per week.

The lobby copier is stocked with white 8 ½ x 11 paper. Any other requirements must be cleared with Mailroom personnel. Mailroom is responsible for clearing machine problems and for keeping the paper trays full.

Levels of Service

Mailroom provides 4 levels of service:

  1. Quick Copy: Limited copies to cover emergencies and other unforeseen situations

  2. Express - 1-day Service: Orders submitted in the morning will be delivered that afternoon. Jobs received in the afternoon will be ready the next morning.

  3. 3-Day Service: This is the normal duplicating service. A Duplicating Center Request Form is submitted to the Central Services. If help is needed to complete the Duplicating Center Request Form or questions need to be asked, a Duplicating / Mailroom counter clerk will help the customer.

    If the finished job is not an exam, it will be placed in the requester's mailbox. If it is an exam, it will be secured behind the Mailroom counter and a slip will be placed in the requesters mailbox for pick-up. The requestor must sign for all exams and must give a verbal authorization to Mailroom for anyone else picking up the exam.

    Please note that delivery/pick-up times vary, especially jobs that are sent off campus due to courier time.

  4. Duplicating requests are also accepted by email. This service follows the 3-Day Service timeline. Please follow these guidelines to assist us in completing your requests in a timely manner:

    1. Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF files are preferred. If you are sending a Microsoft Excel file, please be sure to set the correct print area. We do not have time to modify files.
    2. We cannot open any special application files.
    3. Duplicating requests should be emailed to duplicatingcenter@ohlone.edu and must include a completed Duplicating Order Form as an attachment, along with the MS Word or PDF file(s) to be duplicated.
    4. All files/masters will be copied as submitted. Please take the time to proof all final documents.
    5. If copies need to be double-sided and some need to be single-sided, please send to two separate files with separate Duplicating Request Forms. One submission for the double-sided job, and one for the single-sided job.
    6. Must be submitted as 8 l/2 x 11 originals.
    7. Instructors must always have a hard copy back-up with them.

    If there are any concerns or questions, please contact the mailroom!

If there needs to be any discussion on the various jobs for layouts, scheduling, etc., set up an appointment to see Duplicating personnel. Large and unusual requests must be scheduled in advance.

Lead Time

Lead time is the advanced notice and operation time required by Duplicating Services to enable us to complete a request. Lead times may increase depending on the complexity or volume of a request. We become extremely busy at the end and beginning of the semester, so please plan accordingly. If necessary we do enforce this policy.

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