Mail Services - Central Services

For services at the Newark Center, see Newark Center Mail and Duplicating Services.

Mailroom Hours, Location, Telephone, Staff - Fremont Campus


  • Fall and Spring Semesters:
    • Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 4:00pm
    • Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm
    • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and Breaks: Closed

Location, Telephone


Guide for Mail Services

Mail Services provides:

  • Mail and package delivery to staff/faculty/department mailboxes in Central Services (commonly referred to as the Mailroom) located in Building 16-C on the Fremont campus.
  • Processing incoming and outgoing U.S.P.S. mail.

Our goal is to provide service that is courteous, economical and efficient. This guide will help you expedite your mail efficiently and effectively.

U.S. Postal Service Mail

U.S. Postal Service Mail is defined as Ohlone College business mail requiring postage. Outgoing mail is picked up at 12:00pm (noon) daily. Therefore, present all mail as early in the day as possible.

Your mail is important to us. To help expedite the processing of your mail please:

  • Separate foreign mail from domestic mail.
  • All international mail must be in envelopes
  • Do not put personal mail in the Campus Mail stream
  • Bundle outgoing envelopes and secure with a rubber band

Postal Rates: Rate-based Pricing

(Effective May 2007.)

On May 14, 2007, the US Postal Service instituted a procedure they call Rate-based Pricing.

The dimensions of a mail piece will play a major role in determining the prices we pay for first class mail. Rates for letters, large envelopes(flats), and packages (parcels), are no longer the same based on weight.

For example: postage on a 2 oz. letter might be $0.58 (58¢), while a 2 oz. flat might cost $0.97 (97¢), same weight, different shapes.

To save on first class postage costs, it is imperative that maximum effort be made to fold correspondence in such a manner that it will fit in a standard letter-sized envelope.

The maximum size for a letter is 11 ½ x 6 ⅛. Anything over that is a flat or parcel and will cost more.

Any questions or concerns, please contact the Mailroom!


Use the following return address format for outgoing Ohlone College mail:

(Name of Individual)
(Department Name)
43600 Mission Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94539-5847

Note: The District no longer uses a P.O. Box for incoming mail. Stationery or address labels containing a return address with a box number should be discarded.

In order to comply with new address accuracy regulation, it is required that we include " or Current Resident" or "Return Service Requested" as part of the Name of the addressee or we conduct NOCA of the mailing list every three months (Extra Charge Applies). If these requirements are not met, post office may impose penalty.

This applies to both NON - PROFIT and PRESORTED FIRST CLASS mailings.

"Current Resident":

  • Recommended for the mailing that does not have PERSONAL information
  • In case mailer is undeliverable, post office would not return it back to Ohlone College
  • Would result in no extra charge

"Return Service Requested":

  • Recommended for mailing that have personal information e.g. Student ID, SSN
  • Recommended for mailing that requires ensured delivery to addressee
  • In case mailer undeliverable, post office would return it back to Ohlone College
  • Would result in additional first class postage on returned mail pieces (APPLIES ONLY TO NON-PROFIT MAILINGS)

Intercampus Mail

Mail Services provides Inter-Office Mail distribution to Mailroom mail boxes and the Newark Center.

Mail Preparation

Departments are responsible for preparing, addressing, and filling out forms for the type of service desired. Contact the Mailroom for additional information.

Overnight Shipping

The Purchasing Office has obtained special rates for Federal Express. These services are available through the Mailroom.

When overnight is needed, please bring the envelope to the Fremont Mailroom before 2:00pm for pick-up that day.

The College air bill will be provided by the Mailroom. The Ohlone shipping account number should never be used to ship to or from the College without first notifying the Mail Room in advance. After the service window is closed, air bills may be obtained at the Bookstore.

The Mailroom and Bookstore are the only authorized pick-up locations on the Fremont campus.

Bulk Mail

Specify the office location for pickup of bulk mail. Contact the Mailroom for instructions on how to prepare bulk mail.

Pickup and Delivery

The Mailroom provides pick-up and delivery once daily to the Newark Center and Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center.