Q. Is there a mailbox in the Mailroom for personal outgoing pre-stamped mail?

Yes. Find the blue sign that reads "Personal outgoing pre-stamped mail."

Q. What is the deadline for processing outgoing U.S. mail?

Outgoing U.S. mail must be in the outgoing mail boxes by 11:45am daily.

Q. What express services are available?

Priority Mail (2-3 days), Express Mail (overnight or next day), DHL Express, and FedEx.

Q. When is incoming mail received?

Daily at about 12:00pm (noon).

Q. Do you sell stamps?

No. Stamps may be purchased at the Ohlone College Bookstore.

Q. When are packages (UPS and Express) received?

Twice daily at about 10:00am and at about 3:00pm.

Q. How frequently are mail, packages, duplicating jobs delivered to Ohlone College employees at the Newark Center?

Duplicating jobs and mail are delivered to the Newark Center Mailroom daily at about 1:30pm. Outgoing mail is picked up at the same time.