Newark Campus Mail and Duplicating Services - Central Services

Services at Newark are limited. So, pre-planning is a must. With the shifting of personnel, some services at the Fremont campus will be impacted, including the necessity for closing the service window from time to time. For any questions, please contact the Fremont campus Mailroom at (510) 695-6012 or the Newark Campus Dean's Executive Assistant at (510) 742-2302.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.


The Newark Center campus Mailroom (Room NC2311, second floor, Wing 3) is now open!

The Fremont Campus Mailroom will arrange delivery for U.S. Mail delivered to Fremont, inter-campus mail, and small packages to the Newark campus. Incoming U.S. mail addressed to Newark will be delivered by the post office daily. The Fremont Mailroom will arrange for outgoing U.S. mail to be picked up every afternoon. Please be sure outgoing mail is in the Newark Mailroom before noon to ensure same day pickup.

Due to the limited size of the mailboxes, it is imperative that they be checked and emptied daily. This will ensure all mail is delivered properly. When mailboxes are full, department Deans will be notified.

For security purposes, the Newark Mailroom will remain locked. If keys are needed, please contact your Division Dean.

For questions about the Newark Center Mailroom, please contact the Fremont Campus Mailroom and/or the Newark Campus Dean's Executive Assistant.


Requests for Central Duplicating can be submitted by sending an email with attachment to Your email request should include the Duplicating Request Form (DOC). Duplicating requests can also be submitted utilizing inter-campus mail. Completed jobs may be picked up at either the Fremont or Newark campus mailroom, so please specify on your request form.

Local copiers at Newark should not be used for jobs in excess of 300 copies.

Remember, Newark is a "green" technological campus, so paper copies should be kept to a minimum, be two-sided, and be on recycled paper, whenever possible. The copiers at Newark have been equipped with scanning, faxing, electronic document storage, and email capabilities. The use of this technology is highly encouraged. Training is being handled by the IT Service Desk and/or Lesley Buehler.

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