Ohlone College’s Promise to Fremont, Newark and Union City High School Seniors - Press Release, Office of College Advancement

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

Fremont, CA-How often are promises made and not kept? No one can say for sure, but know that the Ohlone College Promise Scholarship is one solid promise.

As Ohlone College begins their year-long celebration of 50 years of teaching and community service, they are also reaching out to potential donors who want deserving high school students given a 'leg up' to successfully complete her or his first two years of college debt-free. What exactly is the Ohlone Promise Scholarship? It is a scholarship that pays required tuition, books and enrollment fees for two years at Ohlone College - a value of approximately $3,600. This scholarship is designed so that students can focus on their education, rather than on their finances.

Students holding certificates with sky background.Ohlone Community College District President/Superintendent Dr. Gari Browning with the 2016 Ohlone Promise Scholars.

But it is not a handout. For students to qualify, they must plan to attend full time (12 units per semester) for two years. They must also be a graduating senior in a public high school from Fremont, Newark or Union City School Districts. Additionally, they must maintain a 2.5 minimum grade point average, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and submit a letter of recommendation from a high school principal, teacher or counselor. Lastly, they must write a short essay of application.

Once accepted, scholarship recipients are matched to a counselor who will monitor his or her educational plan and help keep them on track. The combination of financial and educational support brings great results. Student success rates are 11% higher than for their peers, their GPAs are 17% higher, and even more; they are 43% more likely to persist in their education year-to-year than their peers.

Ohlone College has been committed to student success for 50 years. In celebration, the college is hoping to award 50 Ohlone Promise Scholarships in 2017. As an Ohlone Promise Scholarship recipient, Kyra Manalac says, "I am so grateful for having this great opportunity here at Ohlone College, and very thankful to the donors who made this scholarship possible. I will be continuing to study very hard so that I can inspire and also help other people someday." As a major donor and alumna of Ohlone, Victoria Maroulis says, "Ohlone College was my gateway to higher education and professional success. I wanted to give back to the school and help other Ohlone students."

Ohlone College invites you to join with them in celebrating and supporting student success for their very special anniversary event. The goal is to raise $180,000. Won't you join with Ohlone College to support the financial needs and educational goals of our Promise Scholarship recipients from Fremont, Newark and Union City? To learn more or to make a donation, go online to: www.ohlonepromise.org or contact the Ohlone College Foundation at 510-659-6020, or at foundation@ohlone.edu.

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