Ohlone College Accreditation Reaffirmed Until 2020

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

Fremont, CA-Ohlone received eight commendations for notable achievements in the report from the ACCJC accreditation team notifying College officials that accreditation has been reaffirmed for another six years. The commendations range from the College's commitment to environmental sustainability, which has led to a Net-Zero level of operation at the Newark campus and significant energy cost savings at the Fremont campus, to the College's innovative use of a $10 million technology endowment. This endowment allows the College the long term ability to sustain changes in information technology and to purchase equipment to address those needs.

Of particular note was a commendation regarding the Board of Trustees and the strides made in developing effective education and training for Board members.

Reaffirmation of accreditation is recognition of the "academic quality and institutional effectiveness" of Ohlone College, per the Action Letter from the Accrediting Commission. Retaining accreditation is important because it ensures that Ohlone will continue to receive state funding, that all college credits will transfer, and that students will be able to receive financial aid.

However, Ohlone, like other California Community Colleges strives for continual improvement and will continue to make improvements to meet and exceed the standards for accreditation. A midterm report for the next accreditation visit is due in March 2017, and a short follow-up report is to be submitted in March 2015 on recommendations from this visit.

To view the Action Letter, External Evaluation Report, or the College's Accreditation Self-Study got to the Ohlone home page, www.ohlone.edu and click on "Accreditation" in the lower left side Navigation bar.

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