Ohlone College First in State Awarded National Communications Lab Certification - Press Release, Office of College Advancement

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Office of College Advancement

Ohlone College


Speech Communication Lab.Fremont, CA-Ohlone College's Speech and Communications Department is celebrating national certification for their Communication Labs and Tutor Training Program. The certification comes from the National Association of Communication Centers (NACC). Ohlone is the only college in California to earn this certification out of the thirteen communication labs certified by NACC nationally, and one of only two community colleges nationwide.

To qualify for national certification Ohlone College developed in-depth training and preparation materials and procedures, which includes writing two communication lab and tutor training manuals, and creating a training program for teaching and peer-tutoring geared towards instructors and tutors in the lab. In the approval letter from NACC, the review committee commented about Ohlone's program saying, "the training you've detailed looks purposeful and mindful of oral communication; we believe that you have a solid foundation for building your program." Reviewers also recognized that the lab's support materials were thorough and that the assessment process in place is a great evaluation tool of the work being done.

Julia Pozos, a communication lab tutor, said, "It's fun and empowering to take what I've learned in my communication classes and be able to help other students succeed in their classes."

Ohlone College has a two communication labs, one on each of the two campuses in Fremont and Newark. These labs are available to all Ohlone students, staff, faculty, and the public who want help with the development and delivery of oral presentations including research, outline, and how to use visual aids including PowerPoint presentations.

Ohlone's communication labs serve over 700 oral communication students for more than 12,000 hours of tutoring each semester. Ohlone's Speech and Communications Department often sponsors speakers and holds workshops in the labs, including "How to Write the Social Science Research Paper," and "How to Improve Your Voice and Articulation." Ohlone professor Brenda Ahntholz, Director of the Communication Labs, says "We are so proud of the entire department's accomplishments to make this a great learning space for students and an innovative center for peer-tutored learning."

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