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Group of Fremont Unified students at the Smith Center on Ohlone's Fremont campus.
Fremont Unified High School students from the Ohlone-Fremont Unified College Connection program at the Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts on Ohlone College's Fremont campus.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who can join?

This program is open to high school seniors at any public high school in the Fremont Unified School District. Students must be in good academic standing, have a minimum 2.0 GPA and be current on credits by the end of junior year (you also must have completed 30 credits of math before entering the program).

Q. Will this program help me prepare for college?

Yes! All students are required to take at least one Ohlone College course each semester. Not only will this help prepare you for the rigors of college, but it may also help you get a jump start on college course requirements.

Q. Will my classes be applicable to 4 year universities?

Yes, you can be sure your college courses transfer to CSU/UC by checking course information. It will say under the course information whether the course is accepted for credit at CSU/UC.

Q. Can I take any college class I want?

No, high school students are only allowed to take college level courses. Remedial (below college level) Math and English are NOT acceptable courses for College Connection. If these courses are needed to graduate, the student should not participate in the program and should remain in high school during senior year to take the courses needed for graduation.

The Ohlone courses you take must be CSU/UC transferable. Please be sure you see this information next to a course before enrolling in it. High school students may not take courses that are not transferable to CSU/UC.

Further, high school students are not allowed to take PE courses at Ohlone College.

Q. When does school start?

High school class typically begins a few days before the Ohlone College semester begins. High school class meet Monday-Friday mornings and students attend their college course during the afternoon.

Q. Can I go back to high school if I don't like College Connection?

Usually you can go back, but your high school class choices will be extremely limited.

Q. Can I participate in Senior Year activities?

Yes, students are able to participate in most extracurricular high school events, including sports. Students must make sure that Ohlone classes are finished by the time all activities begin.

Q. What is the role of the Ohlone College counselor?

The Ohlone College counselors are there to assist you with your college courses and can give you tips on how to succeed in college. They can also provide you with emotional support you may experience as a result of this transition.

It is strongly recommended that you take PD 113 Strategies for Succeeding in College during your first semester.

Ohlone College counselors cannot assist you with anything related to high school.

Q. What is the role of my high school counselor?

Your high school counselor will answer all your questions about graduation and 4 year college/university applications. She will make sure you are on track to graduate and can also help you with emotional or social issues you may be experiencing.

Q. What if I need more help with college?

You are entitled to use any resources on the Ohlone College campus, including the student health center, tutoring, personal counseling, library, etc.

Q. How do I get help if I have a physical or learning disability?

Students with an IEP need to make sure your high school teacher is aware of your specific needs and accommodations. Further, you should meet with SAS (formerly DSPS) as soon as you know you will be in the College Connection program. Bring your IEP and any other documentation you have so that you receive appropriate accommodations for your college courses, if applicable.

Q. How many units can I take?

Students can take up to 7 units. Students who would like to overload must obtain written permission of the parent and high school teacher. See your high school teacher for forms and more information.

Q. Can I take online classes?

Students must take classes in person during the first semester. If they feel ready to handle online classes during the Spring semester they may do so only as an additional course. At least one course must be in person, on the Ohlone College campus.

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