Student Testimonials - Fremont Unified

Male and female student studying in class.

"The College Connection Program is an awesome program that gives students a head start on college credits but also gives students new opportunities to grow and bond with one another."

"I feel very independent in this program. What I like even more is that I'm still considered an American High School student but am doing everything on a college campus. With the college classes, I feel so mature like I'm my own person without anyone or anything holding me back."

"I don't have to worry about high school drama anymore because everyone here wants to learn and earn all of their credits to graduate while earning college credits at the same time. What could be better?"

"Joining the College Connection Program was a great decision. I want to ensure a promising future for myself, and here at Ohlone there are plenty of resources to do so."

"You get to take college courses with actual college students and you get treated like an adult."

Malcom Dotson:
"Mr. Snyder is one of my favorite teachers out of my entire school 'career.' He is able to convey the subject material in a way that we can all understand."