Student Testimonials - Newark Unified

Male and female studnets studying outside the Student Services Center on Ohlone's Fremont campus.Ashtyn:
"Overall my experience has been really good. I enjoy my college class as well as my class with my classmates from NMHS."

"My experience in the program has been a good experience. I have more freedom than at the high school. This program has kept me more on track and up to date with my studies."

"I really love the program. It is very flexible and I love the one on one help that is involved."

"I like the exposure to the college life. This program has been a great experience for me."

"Overall I really like the program. It's nice to have a teacher who trusts you. I'm less stressed here than when I was at the high school, even though I have more work."

"I think it is a good way to get used to Ohlone, so we're ready when we come here next year."

"My experience in the program has been positive. I like the fact that I'm getting a head start in college. It's fast paced sometimes which I like because I like to get things done."

"The program has allowed me to experience different things and accomplish things I didn't know I could do."