Frequently Asked Questions

Early College High School Program

You can start your college journey now, even if you're still in high school. Through Ohlone College's Early College program, you can take college courses at Ohlone campus and/or online.

Q. What is Early College High School?

The Early College High School Program provides current high school students the opportunity to get an early start on earning college credit. Many courses are transferable to four-year colleges and universities, others lead to a short-term certificate and/or associate degree. Through Ohlone College's Early College Program, you can take college courses at Ohlone College campus and/or online.

Q. Who can participate in the Ohlone College Early College High School program?

Any current high school student (grades 9-12).

Q. How can I participate in the Ohlone College Early College High School program?

All Kindergarten-12th grade students are required to submit a new application for admission every term. Kindergarten - 12th grade students should refer to the Kindergarten-12th Grade Enrollment Steps and carefully follow the directions in the application to avoid delays in processing.

Q. Is there any cost associated with participating in the Early College High School program?

Fremont and Newark Unified School District High School students: There is no cost to current high school students who take no more than 11.5 units during any regular semester.  
New Haven Unified School District High School students: There is no cost to current high school students who take no more than 15 units during any regular semester. 

High school students who are enrolled exclusively in classes located on their high school campus are exempt from the Electronic Access, Health Services, Shuttle Service, and Student Activity Fees. Students who are enrolled in online only classes are subject to the Electronic Access Fee. See Fees.

Q. What happens if I take courses that pass the 11 unit limit?

Early College high school students enrolled in 11 units (8 in the Summer) or more at Ohlone College are considered a regular full-time student and will be charged all fees. Students interested in taking excess units should contact Admissions & Records, for additional information at

Q. Will I get college credit for taking courses?

Students who complete Ohlone courses will receive community college credit for successfully completing the course(s). In most cases, courses are also CSU and UC transferable. When in doubt, students should consult with an Ohlone College counselor.

Q. How do I access tutoring for my Ohlone class?

Free in-person and online tutoring is available through the Tutoring Services.

Q. If I have trouble getting transportation to and from the Ohlone College Fremont Campus, Newark Campus and/or Warm Springs Bart station is any help available?

Yes, Ohlone College has a daily "Shuttle to Success" service between the Warm Springs Bart station and both Fremont and Newark campuses. Students are required to have a valid Ohlone Student ID to ride the shuttle. A shuttle service fee of $15 for full-time students (12+ units) or $8 for part-time students will be included as part of the student enrollment fees.

Q. Am I eligible to participate in this program if I am undocumented?

Yes, undocumented students are welcome to participate in the Early College High School Program.

Q. If I attend homeschool or online courses, can I participate in The Ohlone Early College High School Program?

For students who attend a homeschool or online school, the local high school district office can sign your form or your homeschool must provide a private school affidavit for the current year.

Q. What happens if I need to drop out of the course I am enrolled in?

Students are responsible for the proper revision of their class schedules. Dropping or withdrawing from a class is NOT an automatic process. Students are responsible for dropping classes they are not attending through MyOhlone. If students do not follow the procedure to drop a course, they may be registered in the class to the end of the semester,  and receive an F grade that will remain on their permanent student record. 

Q. Can I take classes at the Ohlone Fremont campus, Newark campus and/or Ohlone online?

Yes, you can take classes online, at the Ohlone Fremont campus, and/or at the Newark Campus. Online class schedules are available on MyOhlone!

Q. Can I meet with an Ohlone College counselor?

For questions regarding high school requirements, see your high school counselor.

Q. Does any Ohlone College class I take transfer to California State University or University of California schools?

Not all Ohlone College classes are transferable. It is important to meet with a counselor to discuss what classes you are enrolling in and ensure they meet your college goals and are transferrable to a 4-year university. 

Q. Are classes I take at Ohlone College permanent on my transcript?

All Ohlone College courses will appear on your permanent record and must be reported to any other college or university to which you apply.

Q. If I am taking classes at Ohlone College while in high school, can my parents access my records?

College student records are confidential and protected by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Your parents may not access your records without a written release from you (regardless of your age). 

In order for your parent/guardian to access your records, you must submit a signed “Consent To Release Student Education Record” with a copy of your photo ID. The statement should be very specific as to what information is allowed to be released. (Grades, class schedule, transcripts, communication with instructors, etc.)  

Q. If I take Ohlone College classes while I am in high school, do I become a transfer student when I apply to a 4-year university?

Students who plan to apply to a university directly from high school will apply as a freshman and indicate that they have completed college coursework while in high school. Many students elect to continue studying at Ohlone after high school until they complete 60 transferable semester units. In those instances, students will apply as a transfer student, which offers numerous preferred and guaranteed transfer opportunities. Please consult with the Ohlone College Transfer Center for details.

Q. If I have an IEP at my high school can I get the same accommodations I receive there at Ohlone College?

Our Student Accessibility Services (SAS) counselors will assist you with receiving accommodations for Ohlone classes. The explanation on the different level accommodation services between high school and Ohlone College's SAS will guide you toward a better understanding of how to get accommodations for your Ohlone classes. Since your IEP only applies to your accommodations for your high school classes your accommodations will be made based on the Ohlone College SAS process. Please follow the instructions below to receive your accommodations.

  1. After you complete the Kindergarten -12th grade enrollment process, you will need to email your documentation verifying your disability to
    • IEP or 504 plan and
    • Psychoeducational report
    • Latest high school transcript 
    • Provide LD assessment from other institution,
    • Medical Documentation signed by a medical professional
    • Latest high school transcript
  2. Once your documentation is reviewed, you will be contacted by an SAS Program Assistant to schedule an appointment to meet with an SAS Counselor.
  3. The SAS Counselor will help you develop an Education Plan to determine the classes in which you should enroll each semester as well as identify your educational limitations and create an Academic Accommodation Plan.

If you have any questions or concerns about SAS, please contact the SAS office at or 510-896-5183 - This phone will be answered Monday - Thursday 8am-5pm.


Q: Do the UC and CSU systems prefer that high school students take AP and honors courses over community college courses to gain favorable standing for admission?

No. The UC and CSU admissions offices weigh California Community College courses that meet A-G requirements on a 5.0 scale and are contractually required to accept courses listed at for degree and general education requirements. The UC and CSU systems are not contractually required to accept AP and Honors courses for degree and general education requirements.

Q: Which college courses will meet core graduation requirements at my high school?

Each K-12 district must make its own determination about which college courses they choose to allow to meet which graduation requirements. Meet with your counselor or assistant principal of instruction to learn more about which courses your K-12 district will accept for core graduation requirements.

Q: What Ohlone College course should I take first?

While every student’s academic path is unique, we recommend you to take PD 100 and either PD 111 or PD 103 :
1.    PD 100: Transition to College (1 unit)
2.    PD 111: Strategies for College Success (1 unit)
3.    PD 103: Transfer Success in Life Transitions (3 units)
These courses are a great starting point for your college career. You will have a full semester of contact with a college counselor in these classes who you can ask questions about college pathways and who can help acclimate you to the college experience. Additionally, PD 103  also meets area E in the A-G requirements as well as being a core CSU general education requirement in “Lifelong Learning and Self Development.”

Q: Can a middle school student attend Ohlone College as an Early College high student?

In rare cases, if the K-12 district and the college deem the student’s case valid for admission, a middle school student may attend Ohlone College. Middle school students and their parents must complete the same agreement paperwork as high school students in order to take college courses. This means that a middle school principal or designee (usually a counselor) must sign to endorse the participation of the student in college courses. Additionally, the student must complete an appeal, which will include a letter from the child’s K-12 district advocating for the child’s participation in college. 

Q. Who can I contact if I have questions?

Admissions & Records:

For general inquiries about Dual Enrollment Programs, please feel free to contact the Ohlone College admissions office 510-659-6100.

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