Long Description for Steps to Apply Flowcharts for the Interpreter Preparation Program

Applicants who do not possess an AA, BA, or higher degree

  • Step 1
    • Take assessment tests; or
    • Complete Steps 1A-B
    • Step 1A
      • Proof of Completion of English 101A or equivalent with a "C" or better
    • Step 1B
      • Proof of Completion of MATH-155; or any higher level Math course
  • Step 2
    • Proof of the Completion 30 General Education (GE) credits
    • 1 year of college level work with a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher
    • Go to Step 3 for All Applicants

Applicants with an AA, BA or higher degree

  • Step 1
    • Provide college transcripts
      • Must include proof of English and Math proficency as described for other applicants
  • Step 2
    • Skip to Step 3 for All Applicants

All Applicants

  • Step 3
    • Proof of Completion of Deaf Culture (ASL-142 or equivalent; and
    • Proof of Completion of ASL Linguistics (ASL-150 or equivalent)
  • Step 4
    • Submit a separate Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) application to the Deaf Studies Division; include letter of interest, three (3) letters of recommendation, and college transcripts
  • Step 5
    • Attend an all-day screening