The purpose of the Office of College Advancement is to increase flow of information to the media and enhance media relationships; to increase public awareness and perception of the College; and to assist divisions and departments to market programs and events. We provide advertising, marketing, and relationship development to the community, the media and potential students. We also provide information to the public about events, activities, and offerings at the College through press releases, the Ohlone College website, Events Calendar, posters, newspaper ads, postcards, and other materials.


The Office of College Advancement is here to serve the College. We encourage every department to use our free services.* You may choose to do your own work independent of our Office. However, we ask that you consistently use the Ohlone College logo on your documents or other materials, and follow the offical College Style Guide. Logos are available under College Advancement Downloads.

We hope to have each employee of Ohlone participate in marketing the many outstanding programs and facilities that Ohlone has to offer. The College offers exceptional opportunities to the community and we want everyone to know about the many quality offerings we have to share.

*Please note that graphic design services are paid for through your department budget, and not part of the free services we offer. A BPO is required prior to work starting on all graphic design work. Please contact us to set up a meeting to best assess your needs.