Photo Release, Model Release, Video Release

Please contact Gosia Asher at (510) 659-6206 with questions.

If you plan to take photos for publication (print or electronic), webcast or broadcast, or any form of advertising or publicity, you should get signed permission from the subjects in the photo. See instructions below.

Note: It is not required to get signatures at a public event, or from celebrities, elected officials or public officials. Descriptions of what constitutes a public event are below.

Each person who is recognizable in a photograph or other image used in any Ohlone College publication in any format (such as print or electronic, including the College website) must sign a Photograph Release Form which gives the College permission to use his or her image. A parent or guardian must sign for anyone under the age of 18 years.

Online Forms

PDF Forms

The original signed and dated Photography Release Forms used in marketing the College or any department of the College should be kept on file in College Advancement.

Photo release forms are usually not required of subjects in news photographs (including campus newspaper or television coverage) at public events, such as a basketball game, campus rally, etc. Media visits to the classroom are not considered public events, so release forms should be collected and students should be given the opportunity to opt out of the photo session.

Generally speaking, what can be seen from public view on public land can be photographed without legal repercussions. Photographs taken in private places require consent. Photos taken where there is an expectation of privacy (such as in classrooms) require the person(s) in the photograph sign a Photograph Release Form. Public events, such as the Ohlone College Graduation Ceremony, do not require a Photograph Release Form.

If practical, it may be best to collect a signed release form to avoid possible liability problems.

For related information, see The Photographer's Rights.