Ohlone College Helps Latino Students Chart Their Future And Pursue Higher Education

Monday, April 30, 2012
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

Two female dancers - Aztec Dancers.

Fremont, CA-Nearly 200 Latino/Latina students from local high schools attended Ohlone College's 7th Annual RAZA Day to learn the importance of pursuing their future through education. Raza Day works with underrepresented student populations and has many goals. One goal is to help students understand the process of attending college, from financial aid, to registration, to education plans. Another goal is to help them build a network of support at college where they know other students, faculty and advisors who share their background and experiences who can provide advice and friendship and encouragement. A third goal is to help them to redirect their path toward education in order to provide themselves with more choices about their future.

Caring and experienced faculty, counselors, faculty, and professionals who have traveled this road and found success work hard to put this program together and work with the students to help them understand all their options.

Five-time Grammy nominee and US Artist Fontales Fellow, John Santos was the keynote speaker, and discussed the power of music for change and unity. The event featured informative workshops, financial aid information, college programs, careers and services, gender gatherings, testimonials from current and past students, as well as entertainment by Aztec Dancers. Students were also introduced to the strong network of support that exists at Ohlone to assist students as they make the transition from high school to college.

For more information on Ohlone College Raza Day contact Maria Ramirez at 510-742-2346 or mramirez@ohlone.edu.

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