Ohlone College Tai Chi Qigong Team Wins Gold & Silver Awards

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

Fremont, CA-Ohlone College students brought home three gold and two silver medals from the 4th Annual Tiger Claw KungFuMagazine.com Championship last weekend. The students have learned under the coaching of world-class martial arts competition medalist and Ohlone instructor, Sifu May Chen.

Tai Chi Qigong Team from Ohlone College.Ohlone's Gold Medal Winning Tai Chi Qigong Team.

The students excelled in all levels in the individual competition for Yang Style Tai Chi, receiving two gold medals and two silver medals. Lucy Olivia won beginning level gold, Alissa Ballestrin earned intermediate level gold, Nadia Nasiri won advanced level silver and Brian Cochran won silver in beginning level.

The Ohlone Competition Team, eleven students, secured a first place gold award for their intermediate level Five Animal Forms. The eleven participating students included: Alissa Ballestrin, Chloe Blancas, Jan Michael Cruz, Kelvin Ho, Lucy Oliva, Kyle Perez, Nadia Nasiri, Kevin Rabatan, Kamuela Tolentino, Gerard Truong, and Thang Vo.

The Five Animal Forms is the oldest of the Qigong routines, over 3,500 years old. The animal forms in this routine are Tiger, Deer, Bear, Monkey, and Crane. The Ohlone competition team demonstrated understanding of internal, external, and spiritual focus inherent in each animal form.

The Ohlone team shared their gold medal routine with the public at Kung Fu Tai Chi Day, a free event at the Plaza de Cesar Chavez in downtown San Jose on June 10.

Sifu May Chen, commented that the team has "incredible dedication, patience, and compassion." Adding, it is essential that the students cultivate personal fitness goals along side connecting with the community at large. Chen is a world-class martial arts competition medalist and a popular teacher at the Ohlone College Total Health and Wellness Center in Newark where she teaches classes through both Community Education Ohlone for Healthy Living and the for-credit academic program.

For more information on the Ohlone College Total Health and Wellness Center visit www.ohlone.edu/go/wellness or contact Robin Kurotori at 510-742-2350.

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