Muppet Mayhem at the Ohlone College Amphitheatre

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

The Muppets.

**For Immediate Release**- Your average boy and girl visit a theater in Los Angeles to celebrate their tenth anniversary. The boy's brother is a slightly orange-tinted Muppet The theater is discovered to be the original Muppet Theater, where all of your favorite Muppets once performed. The theater is about to be sold to an evil oil baron who wants to tear it down to drill for oil.

So, the boy, his brother, the girl, and the Muppets have to raise $10 million dollars to save the theater, all while attempting to reunite the Muppets and performing fabulous song-and-dance numbers that you can join in on. Don't forget the side plot about the Muppets kidnapping Jack Black!

If you are a Muppets fan, then you know that there has not been a Muppets theatrical release in over 12 years! So you will be excited to invite back all of your favorite Muppets, plus a few new ones, while singing along with The Muppets at the Ohlone College outdoor amphitheatre! And watch for plenty of cameo star appearances from the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Selena Gomez, Whoopi Goldberg and many more.

Watch this high stakes movie and see where your favorite Muppets, like Gonzo the Great; Animal; Fozzie Bear; and the stubborn and demanding Miss Piggy, have ended up over the years. Bring a few blankets and sing along under the stars as you and the whole family enjoy the comedic mayhem that the Muppets never fail to bring to the screen. Don't miss this star-packed family fun original.

For tickets and information, please visit the Smith Center box office website at or call (510) 659-6031.

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