Master Musicians from India and China Bring a Culturally Enriched Musical Experience to the Smith Center at Ohlone College

Thursday, October 25, 2012
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

Aditya Verma.

Fremont, CA-Experience the sounds of traditional instruments from India and China, expert talent, and mesmerizing music as Adiya Verma and Yihan Chen showcase their musical talents, on Saturday November 3, at 8:30pm at the Smith Center at Ohlone College.

Aditya Verma entertains with Indian classical music through his expertise on the sarod; a traditional stringed musical instrument known for its deep and weighty sound. Vishal Nagar will accompany Verma on the tabla; a pair of hand drums of different sizes played using the musician's fingers and palms in different configurations to generate various pitches.

Indian classical music has a rich history spanning nearly two thousand years originating from the Vedic hymns from the Hindu temples with perhaps 90% of Indian music improvised by the artist.

Aditya Verma, one of Canada's premier world musicians, began studying classical Indian instruments at an early age under the guidance of his father. In 1987, he moved to India to study Hindustani classical music as a disciple of legendary Indian musicians including Ravi Shankar. Verma is a highly regarded musician around the world and has performed with the Washington Symphony Orchestra on Capital Hill for an audience of over 500,000. In addition to concerts, he has composed for films and produced several CD's.

Yihan Chen.

Bringing the influence of the East, Yihan Chen, the master of the ancient four-string Chinese lute, will mesmerize audiences on the pipa. One of the most popular Chinese instruments, having been played for over two thousand years, the pipa has a pear shaped wooden body with varying amount of frets from 12 to 26. Accompanying Chen is Ann Yao on the zheng, also a plucked instrument, similar to a zither, made prominent during the Tang Dynasty, also a commonly played instrument in China.

Yihan Chen learning to play the pipa at the age of eight. She was chosen to play the pipa at the exclusive China Conservatory of Music in Beijing, studying under masters of this instrument. As a pipa soloist, Yihan has performed in Asia, North America and Europe, for Radio France, Encontros Acarte 98 Portugal, Lotus Festival, and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's New Music Festival. She has also appeared at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center and other leading venues.

Thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, these musicians will perform at the Smith Center at Ohlone College, 43600 Mission Boulevard in Fremont. Tickets are $15-$20, plus a $2 Event Parking Permit. For tickets visit or call the Smith Center box office at (510) 659-6031.

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