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Friday, March 28, 2014
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

Fremont, CA-It's not always easy to get kids and teens excited about school, but it is widely agreed that learning robotics, video game design or cartooning beats flipping channels between soap operas and infomercials. This summer, enroll your children in Ohlone for Kids and Teens, where they can enjoy learning and gaining new skills, while developing confidence, and stimulating their interest and growth.

A class such as cartooning is much more than learning to draw, but teaches students narrative techniques, perspective, color theory and idea generating strategies. And yet, even though the class presents serious learning opportunities you can't help but think it sounds like a lot of fun, too. That's what makes Ohlone for Kids and Teens click for kids - they enjoy what they learn.

Ohlone for Kids and Teens students participate in hands-on activities which often spark their interest in fields such as science or engineering. Take the new Aerospace Engineering course for instance. Students design, create, test and refine a variety of flying machines; construct a shock absorbing system to protect two marshmallow astronauts in a lunar vehicle; create air-powered rockets; assemble a hot air balloon model that actually takes flight, and more. Students are often so engaged in exploration that they don't realize that they're learning serious physics!

Many kids are surprised to learn that they can play video games in school. The World of Minecraft course encourages children to create, explore and problem-solve with storyboarding and level design. In addition, they can create their own games from the ground up through various courses in Electronic Game Design.

Delving even deeper into the world of computers, students can enroll in the Coding Academy Using Scratch, which teaches students the basics of computer programming using an easy-to-learn educational programming language. For older, more advanced students, there are also classes in coding in Python, Java, PHP and MySQL.

Artistically-minded students can take courses ranging from Fun with the Ukelele to animation and filmmaking courses, to sculpting and photography.

For students interested in brushing up on their skills for their upcoming school year, there are also a broad range of classes in math, language arts, foreign languages, personal development, and even SAT test prep.

Ohlone for Kids and Teens courses are conducted in an interactive, facilitative workshop format in a safe and supportive environment. The program is built for students in grades 4-11 and the individual classes are created to be grade level specific. Classes are held at Mission San Jose High School and Newark Memorial High School. Registration begins April 1st, and classes fill up fast, so register early to ensure your child's spot.

Visit www.ohloneforkids.com for additional information and complete course listings.

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