60 Oakland Girls to Learn It’s Cool to Be a Mathematician, Scientist or Engineer

Friday, January 13, 2017
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

Fremont, CA-On Monday, January 16, 60 middle school or elementary-aged young women will be hosted at a showing of Hidden Figures, the movie that just premiered based on a true story of three amazing African-American women who made landing on the moon a reality. Sponsored by a partnership with Techbridge, Ohlone College, Bayer, and Chevron, this event will take place at the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland.

Starting at 3:00 PM, the girls and their parents will be welcomed and given thank-you cards to sign and a pair of Cat-Eye glasses as a gift to relate to the eyewear worn by women during the era in which the movie takes place. The movie will be shown in its entirety, and then all participants will walk two blocks to the Star Pizzeria for dinner. Female scientists, mathematicians and engineers will be present and introduced, including each one's name, company affiliation and title as well as one interesting fact. This will be followed by 45 minutes of speed networking between the girl participants and the female role models, with the event wrapping up at 8:00 p.m.

Each of the participating girls comes from one of five middle schools or one elementary school in Oakland. Each is a participant in Techbridge's after-school program, and were recruited from underserved communities that might not have access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) resources. The girls applied to be in the program because of an interest in STEM and were selected regardless of their academic standings.

Techbridge is a nonprofit organization based in Oakland that supports and encourages young women to "change the world" by exploring education, roles and employment not traditionally open to women. Ohlone College in Fremont is co-sponsoring the event in the hopes that the participants will realize the need for these skills and be inspired to set life goals to achieve change through higher education. Bayer and Chevron came on board to support this event for the same goals.

For Press Inquiries about the Hidden Figures event, contact Martha Pena at Techbridge: 510-326-8089 or by email at: mpena@techbridgegirls.org.

For more information about Techbridge, go to www.ohlone.edu.

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