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February 12, 2018 
Office of College Advancement 
Ohlone College

Fremont, CA—Due to a federal court order, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has resumed accepting requests to renew a grant of deferred action under DACA. The International Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA) works with DACA issues and can also provide consultation on immigration cases and help individuals with citizenship applications.

If your DACA status expires between March 5 and December 31, 2018, the International Institute of the Bay Area can help you renew immediately at no charge. The IIBA can also cover your DACA application fee.

Please call (510) 742-2341 soon or send an email to akimball@ohlone.edu to schedule a 30-minute appointment, or visit us at the Ohlone College Newark Student Services Center, first floor, room NC 1312, at the Ohlone College Newark campus, 39399 Cherry Street, in Newark. Appointments will be held on the third Tuesday of the month from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. If you need help with becoming a naturalized citizen or have a concern regarding your legal residency status, please sign up for consultation!

This good news/service is brought to you by the International Institute of the Bay Area and Ohlone College, and is available to everyone within the Tri-City communities.

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