College Connection:High School/College Joint Enrollment

  • Are you motivated?
  • Are you a self-directed learner?
  • Are you ready to move on?
  • To have more control over your education?

Wooden Ohlone College sign at Witherly Lane entrance to Fremont campus.The College Connection Program gives high school seniors the opportunity to complete their high school education on the Ohlone campus, while still enjoying and being a part of all the senior year activities including Senior Ball, Grad Night, and that most important walk across the stage, graduation.

Newark Memorial High School began the first cohort of College Connection students in 2006. The program has since expanded to include a second cohort of students from the Fremont Unified School District.

College Connection students take high school classes in the morning and the college classes of their choice in the afternoon, giving them the opportunity to get a head start on college, whether it be continuing at a community college or earning transferable units to a four year college or university.