Belly Dancing with AhavaOhlone for Healthy Living

Ahava - Belly Dance instructor.Learn basic belly dance steps, movements and Middle Eastern rhythms. No previous dance experience needed. Get a great workout, improve your posture and have fun!

  • Mondays, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
  • January 22 - April 30, 2018
  • Only $135 for all classes
  • Students must pay for parking separately
  • Ohlone College Newark Center, Room NC1407, first floor, Wing 4

Register online at Ohlone College Community Education Registration, (510) 979-7590.

(Schedule is subject to change without notice.)

About Belly Dance Instructor Ahava

Ahava, meaning "Love" in Hebrew, is a multi-award winning performer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is well known for her graceful Egyptian style, commanding stage presence and crowd-pleasing drum solos. Ahava, being the eternal student, is committed to studying not only Middle Eastern dance, but also the language and culture. She continues to attend workshops, seminars and read and learn as much as she can so that she's not only a knowledgeable dancer, but a knowledgeable teacher as well.