Medical Insurance Billing Certificate

The field of medical billing and coding is growing as a result of a number of factors: an aging population, increasing focus on health data and informatics, and digitization of health records. Medical Insurance Billing Certificate Program is a comprehensive online class with options of electives.This course includes job placement resources post-completion. To register for this class, please go to our registration website.

Offered in fall, spring, and summer semesters. 

Ohlone For Kids and Teens Summer Enrichment Program (OFK)

Ohlone for Kids and Teens offers a unique blend of academic and special interest enrichment classes for students in grades 3-11. Students will develop confidence in a safe environment while engaging in hands-on learning activities that stimulate their interest and growth through an interactive, facilitative workshop format. Students practice critical thinking skills and enjoy a variety of activities including Arts/Performing arts, Language Arts, English, Math, Reading, LEGO Robotics, Electronics, Science, Social Studies, and SAT/College Preparation. The catalog is usually available in early March. The summer program runs June through August, with locations changing every year. 

While the summer enrichment program is the most popular, enrichment courses for youth and young adults are also offered throughout the school year, both on campus and at off-site locations in Fremont and Newark. Some of the popular English and Art classes are brought to local schools in the Fremont Unified School District. A number of computer coding and engineering classes are also offered for students from 5th grade and older, all the way through high school. These classes are held at Ohlone College or at local junior high schools. For more information, please visit OFK's website