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The Communication Studies Department and History Department, in partnership with STEP Up Ohlone, ODIAC, and the Lytton Center for Public Good, are sponsoring the 5th Annual Gender Sex Fair at Ohlone College.

What is the Gender Sex Fair?

The Gender Sex fair is an empowering, interactive, and transformative campus event that is a culmination of a semester long student project. This event is inspired by Communication Activism pedagogy, and seeks to equip and inspire students to be community advocates and invest in social justice activism. The event showcases student research, knowledge, and application of course concepts and theories while exploring, examining, and interrogating social, cultural, and political elements related to gender and sex.

The event takes place in the month of April since April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

This year, 2020, the Gender Sex fair will take place virtually in response to local shelter in place orders, issued in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

When will the virtual Gender Sex fair take place?

Monday, April 27th, to (extended to!) Friday, May 8th

How do I participate?

This year, in response to local shelter in place orders, student teams have designed websites that examine specific topics related to gender and sex. These websites are encouraged to be interactive, as well as informative, with their own modern interpretation.  

To visit the hall of student designed websites ...

  1. Please visit the different sites (listed below)
  2. Please complete the surveys, generally located on the main home page of each site (however, each site may be different). It will mean so much to our hardworking students to learn about your perspectives on their work and the topics they have researched. They are excited to see your responses and learn more about the impact of their work.

Please enjoy the virtual Gender Sex Fair experience!

Please don't forget to fill out the surveys on the websites. Thank you!

Ageism in LGBTQ

Allies against Hate Crimes

Beautiful Barbie

Decriminalization Sex Work

Gender roles & nontraditional families

Hot Bodiez

Intersectional approaches to Uplifting Different Identities

Nonbinary Hub

Queer Artists throughout History

Sexualization of Queer Women in the LGBTQ community

the Unhealthy Healthy Movement


Themes for the websites include:

For COMM 118/WS 108 – Gender, Sexual Identity & Communication, themes for the website fits into one of the five listed categories.

  1. Feminist Politics
  2. Disciplining and Liberating Bodies
  3. Beyond Binary Sexualities
  4. Challenging Hegemonic Masculinities
  5. Disrupting Gendered Violence

For HIST 116 – Intro to LGBTQ Studies, themes for the website fits into one of the five listed categories:

  1. The History of Queer People
  2. Queer Experiences in the United States adn Beyond
  3. Beyond Binary Sexualities
  4. The Health and Wellbeing of Queer People/Communities
  5. Intersectional Approaches to Queer Identity (Race, Class, (Dis)Ability, etc...)

For more information about this event, contact Larissa Favela at or Dr. Kyle Livie at

Here are supporters and booth themes from previous years:

  • Women in Engineering Club
  • Ohlone College Forensics Team - Gender Nihilism
  • Biology Department - The Biology of Sex
  • Ohlone College Communication Labs - Make Your Own Pussy Hat
  • Ohlone College Library
  • AAUW (American Association of University Women)
  • BAWAR (Bay Area Women Against Rape)
  • Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment
  • Man Up - Reactions to Hyper-masculinity
  • The Hijab vs. American Feminine Ideals: Liberation or Objectification
  • The Hijab
  • Two Spirit
  • Pro-Choice/Po-Life/Abortion
  • Ohlone Multicultural Anthropology Club
  • What is BDSM?
  • Ohlone College Faculty Senate - PRIDE Survey "How LGBTQ friendly is our college?"
  • Ohlone College Transfer Center
  • Tri-City Health Center
  • Slut Shaming and Women's Sexual Empowerment
  • StepUp/Ohlone College Health Center
  • What is Intersex?
  • Responses to the "F - Feminism" Word
  • Period Shaming
  • Sexuality and (dis)Ability
  • And more on Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Gender Neutral Pronouns, Safe Sex, and Consent

Spring 2018 photos from the Body Positivity campaign (by Owl Eye Photography)

Forensics (Debate) Team