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Spring 2015

  • April 14, 2015 - Our amazing forensics team have returned safely and triumphantly from the Phi Rho Pi National Tournament in Cleveland, Ohio. They did not return empty handed! Please join me in congratulating our team on a job well done!
    • Manveer Singh - Bronze in IPDA Debate (He was undefeated!)
    • Kivraj Singh - Bronze in Poetry Silver in POI (Program Oral Interp)
    • Sarah Goulart - Silver in Prose
  • The competition was intense yet, the experience was insightful and enlightening for our team, inspiring higher levels of skill and performance.
  • March 17, 2015 - Our forensics team arrived home from SoCal on Sunday, tired but feeling proud of their accomplishments. First, please join me in celebrating and congratulating Kivraj Singh for tying for CCCFA State Championship Keeling-Fricker Award for Top Speaker of Oral Interpretation of Literature for the State of California!!! This is a huge achievement and we are so proud of him.
    • Kivraj also brought home the Silver medal for Prose, Bronze medal for poetry. However, Kivraj was not the only one who did well.
    • Kivraj Singh & Sarah Goulart - Silver medal in Program Oral Interpretation (POI)
    • Manveer Singh - Silver medal - IPDA debate Bronze medal - Extemporaneous speaking
  • On the weekend of February 21st, our team competed in the NCFA Spring Champs at City College of San Francisco. Aside from tying for 1st place in small school junior college division our team placed in many of their competing categories, including:
    • 2nd place for Duo Open Program Oral Interpretation (POI) (Kivraj Singh & Sarah Goulart)
    • Kivraj Singh: Tied for 2nd Open Poetry, 5th place in Open POI, 6th place in Dramatic Interpretation of Literature
    • Manveer Singh: Tied for 3rd place in Junior Parliamentary Debate, 8th place top speaker in Junior Parliamentary Debate
  • On January 31, 2015, the team travelled over the hill to Las Positas College to compete in the Talk Hawk tournament. The team performed exceptionally well. I would like to take a moment to recognize that our very own Kivraj Singh won 3rd Place for Top Speaker! We are all so proud! Additionally, Kivraj and Sarah won 1st place in the Duo event - impressive in and of itself, but even more impressive since Sarah is a new addition to the team and she and Kivraj had limited practice time. Our accomplishments as a team at Las Positas:
    • Kivraj Singh -
      • 1st place Program Oral Interpretation (POI)
      • 1st Place Duo (w/ Sarah Goulart)
      • 4th place prose
      • 3rd place - Top Speaker!!!!
    • Manveer Singh
      • 3rd place Informative speaking
    • Sarah Goulart
      • 1st Place POI novice
      • 1st place Duo (w/ Kivraj Singh)
      • 3rd Place Dramatic Interpretation (DI) open
    • Jose Perscale
      • 6th place Harry Potter impromptu

Fall 2014

  • December 9, 2014 - On December 6-7, Ohlone participated at the UC Berkeley IE (Individual Events) tournament. We are very proud to announce that everyone on our team advanced and placed in their events. Please see their individual accomplishments below:
    • Kivraj Singh: 1st Place - Dramatic Interpretation (DI) &, Poetry 2nd Place - Prose, 3rd Place - Program Oral Interpretation (POI) and After Dinner Speech (ADS)
    • Manveer Singh: Went from competing in novice to open (the big leagues!) and placed 6th place in impromptu.
    • Jose Perscale: 3rd Place - Informative, 4th Place - novice Extemporaneous
  • October 30 - November 2, 2014 - It was an eventful weekend for the Ohlone Forensics team. Aside from the Halloween activities that weekend, the Forensics team competed in not one, but two speech and debate tournaments! The team was successful at both!
    • On October 30, Ohlone competed in the Delta College Mustang Invitational and brought home the 4th place sweepstakes award for a two-year college. Our individual members also performed well with all three breaking the top 7 places in their individual events.
      • Manveer Singh
        • 1st place in novice extemporaneous speaking
        • 4th place in impromptu
      • Jose Perscale
        • 1st place in novice dramatic interpretation (DI)
        • 3rd place in novice extemporaneous speaking
        • 7th in novice impromptu
      • Kivraj Singh
        • 4th in open program oral interpretation (POI)
    • On October 31 - November 2, the team competed in the Paul Winters Invitational at University of Pacific. Ohlone once again brought home the 4th place junior college sweepstakes. Also, the team members placed in the top 6 of their events, two of the members taking 1st and 2nd in novice extemporaneous! Overall, the weekend was a busy yet, rewarding weekend. Please join us in congratulating the team!
      • Manveer Singh
        • 1st in novice extemporaneous speaking
      • Jose Perscale
        • 2nd in novice extemporaneous speaking
          • 3rd in novice DI
      • Kivraj Singh
        • 4th in after dinner speech (ADS)
        • 5th in DI
        • 6th in open POI
  • September 26-28, 2014 - Our forensics team rocked this last weekend at the Golden Gate Opener at San Francisco State. This semester we started off with a new team. Each team member greatly contributed to our new forensics team success and introduction into the forensics intercollegiate activity. Each individual competitor contributed to the overall team success by winning the 3rd place tournament sweepstakes award in the junior college division, competing against other represented junior colleges with minimums of 10 competitors per team.
    • Manveer Singh - 1st place trophy in novice impromptu speaking.
    • Jose Pelcastre - made the top 10 out of 47 competitors in novice impromptu speaking taking 7th place.
    • Kivraj Singh - placed 1st place in novice prose, 2nd place in novice dramatic interpretation (DI), and 1st place in after dinner speaking (ADS). Kivraj also received 1st place in prose and 1st in dramatic interpretation, ultimately taking 5th place in open after dinner speaking (ADS).

    We are very proud of Ohlone's forensics team's achievement on our first tournament of the semester.

Spring 2014

  • April 2014 - The speech and debate team just returned from competing against 57 community colleges with each event averaging 70 students competing against one another at the National Phi Rho Pi Tournament in Denver, CO. Philip Enguancho walked away with 2 Silver Awards in Poetry and Oral Interpretation. Sarah Dorman was awarded with the Bronze for the Informative speaking event.
  • February 21-22, 2014 - The speech and debate team competed against other Nor Cal schools at a tournament at Chabot College where events included oral interpretation, limited preparation, and platform speaking. We were incredibly successful, proudly taking home awards in 5 out of 5 events! Ohlone ended up walking away with a 3rd place sweeps award! Congratulations Philip Enguancho and Sarah Dorman!
  • February 8-9, 2014 - The speech and debate team competed in the Nor Cal championship at San Joaquin Delta College. Our team, Philip Enguancho and Sarah Dorman, successfully competed taking home awards from four out of six events, proudly winning a third place sweeps award!

Spring 2012

  • March 27, 2012 - At the California State Speech Tournament March 15-18, Ohlone Students took the 4th place sweepstakes for small schools and Philip Enguancho earned a Silver Medal in Prose Interpretation. Two of our students qualified for the National tournament-Phlip Enguancho and Heather Warren.
  • February 14, 2012 - The last two weekends have been busy with back-to-back tournaments. At Los Positas on February 4th, Heather Warren took 5th place in Dramatic Interpretation. At Chabot, this last weekend, Heather Warren took 3rd place in Open Communication Analysis. As a team, we took 3rd place sweeps for limited entry Community Colleges.

Fall 2011

  • November 15, 2011 - A few of our students competed at Northridge this last weekend. We are proud that our student Philip Enguancho won 1st place in Oral Interpretation of Poetry and 6th place in both Prose Interpretation and Programmed Oral Interpretation. You can see Philip perform his poetry this coming Friday, Nov. 18th at Poetry Night-7 p.m. In 2133. Philip has placed first in the last four tournaments that we have attended.
  • November 8, 2011 - The Ohlone Forensics Team competed in back-to-back tournaments this last weekend. On Friday at Delta College, Philip Enguancho won first place in Open Poetry Interpretation. On Saturday and Sunday at the University of the Pacific with 35 colleges and universities competing, we had the following winners: Alan Chan Semi-Finalist in Extemporaneous Speaking (current event topics with limited preparation) Heather Warren Finalist in Dramatic Interpretation Philip Enguancho 2nd place in Open Programmed Oral Interpretation Philip Enguancho also won 1st place in Open Poetry Interpretation.
  • October 25, 2011 - Three of the six team members were award winners this last weekend. The first day of the tournament winners were: Phillip Enguancho 3rd place in Poetry Interpretation Heather Warren Finalist in Prose Interpretation The 2nd day of the tournament winners were: Phillip Enguancho 1st place in Poetry Interpretation & 4th place in Programmed Oral Interp Heather Warren 3rd place in Dramatic Interpretation & Finalist in Prose Interpretation Farah Habad Finalist in Dramatic Interpretation.
  • September 28, 2011 - Speech & Debate Team wins 3rd place Sweepstakes Award for 2-year schools at SF State. The Forensics (Speech & Debate) Team competed at San Francisco State this past weekend (September 24-25). There were two tournaments (back-to-back) and our students made us proud!
    • First Tournament:
      • Eric Camacho, 2nd place in Novice Extemp. Speaking and 4th in Novice Impromptu
      • Phillip Enguancho, 1st in Novice Poetry Interpretation and 3rd in Programmed Oral Interpretation
      • Heather Warren, Communication Analysis, Top Novice Speaker; Dramatic Interp, Top Novice Speaker; and 3rd place in Prose Interpretation
    • Second Tournament:
      • Eric Camacho, 2nd place in Novice Extemp
      • Allen Chan, 6th place in Open Extemp.
      • Philip Enguancho, 3rd place in Programmed Oral Interpretation and 3rd place in Prose Interpretation
      • Heather Warren, 1st place in Prose Interpretation; 6th place in Open Dramatic Interpretation; and Communication Analysis, Top Novice

Spring 2011

May 10, 2011 - The Forensics Team had a great Spring 2011 semester! Andrew Ball and Allen Chan won bronze in Parliamentary Debate at the State finals in March. And, this last Saturday, May 7th, we had several winners including:

  • 2nd place in Drama Interpretation, Heather Warren
  • 4th place in Poetry Interpretation, Kathryn Lopez
  • 5th place in Poetry Interpretation, Onofre Galvez
  • And two finalists in Parliamentary Debate, Anna Liang and Nora Qutob.

Spring 2009 Forensics Team News

  • Andie Morhous, a member of the Forensics team, will be representing both Ohlone College and the Northern California Forensics Association at the 140th contest of the Interstate Oratorical Association at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi on April 24 and 25, 2009. Andie received a first place in persuasive speaking at the NCFA regional tournament at the end of February and earned this honor to represent our region and Ohlone.

  • The Forensics Team had some wins at Chico State the Weekend of February 22, 2009. The following students received awards:

    • Stephen Poole - Finalist in Novice Impromptu Speaking (his 1st tournament)
    • Mohammed Sidiqqui - 2nd place in After Dinner Speaking

    The Big Win: Andie Morhous took 1st place in Persuasive Speaking!

    Andie will be representing Ohlone and the Northern California Forensics Association at the 140th annual Interstate Oratory Association tournament at the University of Mississippi in Oxford in April 2009. We are very proud of Andie because she is the first community college student to represent our region in over 2 years (usually a student from a 4-year institution has won).

  • The Big Win! Andie Morhous took 1st place in Persuasive Speaking! Andie will be representing Ohlone and the Northern California Forensics Association at the 140th annual Interstate Oratory Association tournament at the University of Mississippi in Oxford the weekend of April 23 and 24th. We are very proud of Andie because she is the first community college student to represent our region in over 2 years (usually a student from a 4-year institution has won).

Spring 2007

Ohlone Forensics Team Takes Gold at Nationals, April 30, 2007 press release.

2007 Forensics team with a variety of awards.2007 Forensics team with awards.