• Communication Lab Coordinator, Fremont campus (Fall and Spring)
  • Instructor, Communication Studies

Public Speaking Tip: Use the 4x4 rule when creating a PowerPoint presentation (4 bullet points with 4 words per line).

Kristine Carroll.Kristine Carroll is Coordinator of the Maggie Morrison Communication Lab and Instructor of Communication Studies at Ohlone College.  She is a former Ohlone College Communication Studies student and graduate of California State University, Hayward with a BA and MA in Speech Communication.  As Coordinator of the Communication Lab for the past three years, she has been instrumental in developing the lab, tutor-training program, and helping to grow the enrollment from 150 Public Speaking students, to more than 400 students today. She has also co-authored the Ohlone Communication Lab Manual, which is a required component of the Public Speaking curriculum and also funds the lab. She is a regular member of National Communication Association and Western States Association. She also serves as Ohlone College's liaison to the National Association of Communication Centers.

At Ohlone College she serves on the technology committee and facilitates technology training for Communication Studies faculty. She serves as a mentor for Communication students, international students, and assists with Sigma Chi Eta and Communication for Change Club events. Her current academic interest lies in the theoretic and practical instruction and oral communication, interpersonal communication, and persuasion.