Conversion of SPCH to COMM Courses - Communication Studies Department

Speech and Communication Studies (SPCH) Department courses are being taught in the Communication Studies (COMM) Department starting Summer 2016. Below is a chart that explains the change of SPCH courses to the COMM Department.

Course Number Changes for SPCH to COMM Conversion

effective Summer 2016
Old Course Number New Course Number Title
SPCH-101 COMM-111 Introduction to Public Speaking
SPCH-102 COMM-112 Small Group Communication/Critical Thinking
SPCH-103 COMM-113 Interpersonal Communication
SPCH-104 COMM-114 Critical Thinking/Persuasion
SPCH-105 COMM-115 Intercultural Communication
SPCH-106 COMM-116 Critical Thinking/Argumentation and Debate
SPCH-107 COMM-117 Leadership Communication
SPCH-108 COMM-118 Gender, Sexual Identity, and Communication
SPCH-122 COMM-122 Family Communication
SPCH-115 COMM-125 Career Communication
SPCH-116 COMM-126 Listening Techniques
SPCH-130 COMM-130 Oral Interpretation of Literature
SPCH-190A COMM-190A Communication Lab Consultant
SPCH-190B COMM-190B Communication Lab Consultant
SPCH-190C COMM-190C Communication Lab Consultant
SPCH-110A1 COMM-191A1 Introductory Forensics Workshop
SPCH-110A2 COMM-191A2 Forensics Workshop
SPCH-110A3 COMM-191A3 Forensics Competition
SPCH-112A1 COMM-192A1 Argumentation and Debate Workshop
SPCH-112A2 COMM-192A2 Argumentation and Debate Workshop
SPCH-112A3 COMM-192A3 Competitive Argumentation and Debate
SPCH-114A3 COMM-193 Oral Interpretation Competition

SPCH to COMM Conversions (after Summer 2016)

SPCH-201, SPCH-202, SPCH-203, and SPCH-132 have not yet been converted to COMM courses, so those courses will continue to be taught in the SPCH Department for Summer and Fall 2016 (and possibly Spring 2017, depending on when the faculty get the converted courses approved). SPCH-132 will appear in the 2016-2017 catalog (Special Projects courses don't appear in the catalog).

SPCH-114A1 and SPCH-114A2 are in the process of being deactivated, but will appear in the 2016-2017 catalog since those courses were not deactivated by the December 2015 Curriculum Committee meeting.