The Counseling Department can be contacted at:

  • Fremont campus: (510) 659-6110;
    Student Services Center (Building 7), Room 7302, third floor
  • Newark Center: (510) 742-2341;
    Newark Student Services Center, Room NC1312, first floor, Wing 3

Counselors meet with students individually, in small groups, in workshops, and in classes to help them achieve their academic and personal goals. Counselors are educated to directly assist students with a wide range of issues and are knowledgeable about  resources at Ohlone and within the community. Counselors can provide career information regarding assessment, orientation, and other general counseling services. Counselors have current university transfer information and help students with transfer plans.

Sign at lobby entrance, third floor, Building 7 - Student Services Center.College counseling is intended to help students assess their current abilities and interests and make realistic plans to achieve academic and vocational goals. Students can best reach their goals with a solid educational program of study that can be developed by working with an Ohlone College counselor. Counselors work with students on an on-going basis to develop anm education plan that reflects the student's interests, skills, and motivation.

Personal counseling services are offered in the Student Health Center. For an appointment for personal counseling, please call the Student Health Center at (510) 659-6258 or visit Building 7, third floor on the Fremont campus.

The Ohlone College Counseling Center has trained counselors to work with current and prospective students from the general population. Specialized counseling is available for deaf and hard of hearing students in the Language & Culture Center for Deaf Studies or students who qualify for Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Those students who qualify for Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) also have specifically trained counselors available within each program.

All International F1 students need to follow the procedures outlined under International Programs and Services for entry to Ohlone College. Once you arrive on campus, you will need to see the Coordinator of the International Programs and Services. You are also advised to schedule a counseling appointment. Bilingual counselors may be available to work with non-English speaking students and their families.

Additionally, distance academic guidance is provided via Online Counseling. This service is limited in that the counselor cannot assist you with personal counseling issues or filling out forms that need counselors' signatures. A trained counselor will respond to your questions via email.