Not all counseling appointments are available online. If you are unable to schedule an appointment online, please come by the Counseling Department, as additional appointments may be available.


This web-based scheduling system allows students to make an in-person counseling appointment using a web browser.  Please note the parameters for using the system:

  1. An Ohlone College student identification number is needed
  2. Only one counseling appointment may be scheduled per week
  3. Appointments may only be scheduled up to one week in advance
  4. In-person counseling appointment reasons are:
    • Developing a student education plan
    • Finding out the courses needed to be completed in order to transfer or earn an AA/AS degree
    • Discussing probation, subject to dismissal, or dismissal academic status issues including petitioning for reinstatement
    • Academic Renewal assistance
    • Evaluation of other college transcripts for degree, certificate, and transfer purposes
    • Career Counseling
    • Degree evaluation check
    • General Education certification worksheets
    • Waiver for major field courses or general education courses

Any other reasons may be better addressed at a Drop-in Counseling Session or by contacting Online Counseling.


Make or Cancel a Counseling Appointment

Select the location for your Counseling appointment:


Students are allowed to make only one reservation at a time. If you need to make more than one reservation, please contact the Counseling Department at (510) 659-6110.