Sharing your webcam and audio for Video Chat

How to Enable Screen Sharing

What is ConexED?

    • ConexED is the real-time Student Services software built to simulate an in-office appointment Ohlone College is currently using.  The Café is a user friendly meeting and collaboration platform that requires no download or installation.  Students can “knock” on the door to meet with a counselor.

    I have a mobile device, can I still use ConexED?

    • At this time, ConexED does not work reliably with mobile devices (Android or Apple).  Please use a PC when accessing a counselor through ConexED.

    Full Technical Requirements:

    • PC and Mac meeting requirements:
      • Use Chrome or Firefox
      • Have your web camera ready and activated
      • Have a headset with microphone ready — your cell phone headset will work great

    Can I use ConexED anywhere?

    • Yes, you are able to access ConexED from anywhere with internet access, a PC, and Chrome (preferred) or Firefox browser. It is recommended that you use ConexED in a quiet and private environment. Please review the full technical requirements listed below for more information.

    Do I have to sign into ConexED?

    • You will use your WebAdvisor/Canvas username and password to sign into ConexED.

      s ConexED FERPA and ADA Compliant?

      • ConexED is Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Users can also utilize a closed captioning feature when live streaming.